Saturday, July 31


Smoothly pulling her down

Perceiving this unknown

Unfamiliar sweetness

Cannot breathe

A feeling of no need

This relief

Really blue is this sea

Blue and deep indeed

The above blind light

Vanishing in this last goodbye

And it becomes all over

As she shuts her eyes.


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Monday, July 26

Figure it Out

I’ve disappeared through

These sheets and walls

That’s not only


From that start

When our hearts lost control

Knowing we were born

To grow apart

But still we insisted on

Sailing to non-existent isles.

Missing days filled

With memories

Of broken stars

As I woke up.

I’ve waited

I’ve dreamt

I’ve felt jealous and

As furious as a bear

…And I loved you


We could not catch the rainbow

But it was there for us to stare

From anywhere

…And you loved me


Guess that’s just



Saturday, July 24

Where Am I – Where I Am

Temple ruins
A web suspended on a branch
So long ago weaved
A mantle of generation leaves
Won’t let me see
As I step on them
What lies beneath

And I sense
Someone was here before me
Also bereaved.

The chirping
Which a moment ago
Was here with me
Has suddenly ceased

Let it be
The way it is.

Not here to play hide and seek,
But somehow I feel
Somebody else is here
Beside me…

As if in a treasure hunt
For something I must find
Despite this scenery

It’s then that the light shines
Coming down
Through the thick trees
And the warmth it brings
Allows that piece of peace
Get into my inner intensive...

Mermaid Sketch by Lordorlando (Deviantart

Friday, July 23

Not On Purpose- 55

I love to be

For you
Like the leader
Of those strange creatures
Of the night
In a full moon.

In other words:
Your witch.

I love to
Have cast this spell
On you-
Not on purpose

Is it possible
That the more one’s loved by another
The freer one feels?

I dance in words.

Can you write a story in exactly 55 words? Flash Fiction Friday (55) is hosted by G-Man. Visist him and let him know! He's Mr Knowitall!

Thursday, July 22


In nobody’s domain

She runs and walks in circles

Wasted attempt to focus

Upon just what she sees.

She loses control

And the power of her mind

Gives her these ever

Exasperating thoughts,

Undesired presents

From a shattered heart.

Lies on the wet sand

Trying to find answers

Up in the sky

Or at least, blankness

Absolute obliviousness.

The insistent,

Exhausting brainwork

Makes her give up,

So tears flow from her eyes

And groans from her mouth…

A moment relief materializes.

Wednesday, July 21

Dream Me

She had a dream

And in her dream

She saw the rain

Did not get her wet

In her dream conscious she was

Nothing could ever change that past

She dreamt that after a year

He was back

And they came across

Just by chance

She didn’t know what to say

He had nothing much to say

And he started dreaming her

Thank to the universal powers

The angels and Narcissus

Orpheus and Morpheus…

He did

Against his will

She had a dream

That this time he realized

And swallowed his pride

And came and asked her

To forgive and forget

Against her will

She would pretend

She did not care

… maybe one day.

She kept dreaming

And when they eventually met

Everything previously dreamt

According to plan

True came

Love flowed so blissfully

From both sides

Such passion

Could almost stop their hearts

But she had the feeling

That dreaming was free

Like this sweet breeze

Not getting wet with the rain

Could see no future there

She is difficult to satisfy.

While she dreams she can fly.


Monday, July 19


… It’s then that she realizes
and refuses to admit
that she is envious
of the taller ones.

… She hides in her perfect place
wearing the fitting mask
literally dressed
to kill.

… No need to wear high heels
From where she is
Can perfectly see.

… Mrs Tyrant
devotes herself to sensing
where the evil goes
so as to be there
in the interwar

… it’s then that she does not realize
and refuses to accept
that all the others,
taller than her,
can see her eyes gleam with contempt
despising that welfare in them
she could not prevent

… Mrs Malcontent
Her hair never messed up
By winds or fires
From whichever side
Or crossed wires

… She’ll never realize
Instead, she’ll refuse to admit
And keep on wearing the mask that fits

…. Meanwhile, the taller ones
Refuse to believe
Find it really hard to admit
And though we can see her tricks
We insist
No matter how much evidence
We have of all this
We keep wondering
What pleasure does she find
And still survive

In being so wicked
So stiff, so mean?
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Sunday, July 18

My Friend…

These thoughts of mine

Crying for expression

Getting them out

And into my head, again.

I long for that perpetual

Quietness of the heart

For having no trouble

Never be fretted or vexed

Or irritated.

Or dare wonder to nothing

Which is done to me

Or feel nothing against my person

Need to be at rest…

When nobody praises me

Or even

When blamed or despised

By those walking lost souls…

So I forgive and let go…

Nearer now I find

That blessed home in myself

Where I can shut the door

And be in secret

At peace

As in a deep sea of calmness

Letting be this

My eternal truth

My friend…


Adapted from words written in a plaque kept on Dr Bob's desk... Author unknown.