Thursday, September 30

On Reality & Myth




I don’t mean to justify myself…

Explain that it was not about

What you need to suppose

Of me you fathom half my reality

Half my fantasy

And you say you know me

I’ve run out of ideas

To explain how I feel

The same thoughts bring

The same words

Cannot repeat myself

Be redundant

I must wait

See if I can write

About you and me

Or them

Or him or her

I’ve run out of ideas

And though I spend

Half my life observing

I feel it’s the same old story

Life is the same old story

And now you believe

I am depressed

Because you think you know me

But of me you know…

…Only half of it.

Wednesday, September 29

On Sweetness & Madness

Before I’m sent to a madhouse,
I must enjoy my madness.

Before another man fills me up
with bitterness and deceitfulness

I’ll make the best
of all this sweetness
which sprouts everywhere

Before joy becomes corruptness,
let’s have more
of that freeness,

that frankness,
that absurdness.

Before agedness seizes me all over,
I promise to commit myself to yet

more girlishness,
more laziness,
more sexiness…

Before I am overcome
by any type of dullness,

I’ll keep on
with my drunkenness,
my positiveness,
my sublimeness…

Before it’s too late,
and that might be right tomorrow,

I’m going to lean on
more cheerfulness,



....This eagerness

Of mine…


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Monday, September 27

On Love & Clouds


Came down from those clouds

To see, find out

What this issue was about


This I won’t miss

Let’s see all that

You say you love me


Ok, you can make me

All yours tonight

I need to feel...

... Sense

All that

You say you love me


Make sure

You kiss me all over

And in your way down

You draw your passion

With your lips and fingertips..


At some point I’ll be lost in your eyes

While I invent my new poem

And as you free your eagerness

You’ll light my soul

And I’ll get lost in thoughts

Only I do know

And that heat of ours

Will eventually get to its climax

When I’ll be sent back

To those clouds

Where I won’t be able

To discern

Was this real

Or just a night urge?

I do not care

See you again



Love Reign Over Me _by Phatpuppy (Deviantart Image)

Sunday, September 26

On Childhood & Trees




There lives this child in me

Ever since

That’s why I cry

and don’t know why

Yes, that childhood stays for life

And It is the roots

of this my tree

which grows depending…

What type of tree will this be

if watered with tears?

So often the moss covers it all

Its flowers get wilted

And cannot breathe.

Its leaves might be evergreen

Or brown, or deciduous

Or maybe


Its branches might be thick

Or thin

Or maybe

Too soft.

So weak anyone can tear them

And that end

might never blossom again

Instead, remain dry

as fragile as that child

Yes, that’s why I cry

and so often don’t know why

yes, it hurts so badly at times

That child

I can never leave behind.

Saturday, September 25

On Death & Perfection

About perfection

And one’s way to strive for it.

I find I spend my whole life

Trying not to throw in that towel

Not until I die…

I avoid depression

By means of fight and pride

One needs first that beauty


Then it’ll be more than enough

To get to see it

Probably only you

And at least


In my striving for perfection

Different projections

Come to play

There is a time

When I need a standby

When I could as well die

Then worry, why

Since life waits for nobody

So often having to

Make up one’s mind

Despite knowing

All the same

That perfection I won’t find

Until I die...

Thursday, September 23




You closed the door

And the silence

Left behind by that slam

Brought to me

A thousand thoughts

I would have never imagined

I’d have

As when that adrenalin

Told you it was the last second of your life

Such a short shot

Oh time!

You closed the door

And the attachment

Together with such freedom

Did not let me breathe

That silence and shock

Oh peace, please...

And I knew so well

There it would be

For me

To enjoy

To endure

To grow




At long last

After a few cries

After all

The same old tears

No real fear

That’s given by the

Oh so many years

And the

Oh I knew

It would be over

All over

So soon

At long last

My sweet

Sweeter freedom…

On both sides


New lazy afternoons …

Wednesday, September 22



Summer warms me up

Longer than to most

That’s why I crave for fall

I guess more than you all

And I envision myself

In that city

Where streets are full

Of autumn leaves

Which I go and pick

And keep in a frame at home

As if a work of art

For those are not so common

Round these parts...

And I recall that fall

Which to me was freezing

And to others just cold

In that city

Where streets were full

Of autumn leaves

And I long for that fall

Which will last until

Saint Valentines’s

For neither do I know

Or enjoy

That much

That feeling

About winter’s snow....

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