Sunday, October 31




Take a deep breathe

Don’t you ever

Be afraid to live…


much more than breathing

And breathing,

so vital

Weeping for those moments

You never had...


who never dared have

With you

All you could have breathed


So many smiles you missed

Instead, you chose the grief

Just take

Another glimpse at it

And realize

What’s really worth feeling

Crying amid the glittering sea...

A scene...

A bliss...

No matter what, I can live

Even though

You are not here now

With me.


Thursday, October 28

About Writing...

Words come

All jumbled...

Thoughts getting

To the soul

Like whirlwinds...

They seem kind of loose

All I need is choose

Until they make sense

To a certain extent


Some might understand

Hold my hand


Just pass

A poem’s

Like that plant

I sow and water

Among the many seeds

Only one succeeds...

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Tuesday, October 26

Changing Chances


He changed my face for

A painting

Then for my place…

He came to find in me

All that

He already had in himself

Full of expectations


Love and more love

Some new peace

By my shores…

Insane blessed sanity

He came with a heavy suitcase

Full of the wisest gifts

To me

And took back

Heavier ones

To him

No souvenirs

He …

He left

Full of impressions

Memories to be told

To those

He most adores

Sought after me

Seeking after him


He left

In me

A new face

A new painting

A new vision of my place

Full of expectations


Love and more love

We both changed

Without changing.


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Monday, October 25

Fair Lady

Could not help it

But get fed up with it

Maybe you expect me to


A dedication to you?

Well that’s the way it might be going

As this misunderstanding is growing

And my furiousity

For your stupidity



I think you wiser

I love you nicer

I am sweet

I am deep

I am …

...That leaf

Moved by the wind

Of now that

You caught me

You have me...

I am sweet

I am mean

I want more

... it all

And one day I go there

And find myself

Judging you

Judging me

And that blind orator

Comes and

Reminds me

We are just all the same

Same winners

Same sinners.


Saturday, October 23

Mind this...


You know

I feel I am a sweet angel

Loving to watch

While you…



You know,

I feel

I prefer to be off and on again

Than not trying

Just one more time

All the time

Till the end of time

Do you mind

That I know?

Do you mind

If I always

Love you?


Friday, October 22


Harder than failure

My deep surrender

How long will this endure

My bliss

By the shore of despair

Empty thoughts drowning me badly

Come, help me repair

This so damaged mind

But nobody cares


Now I’m near

The storm will somehow disappear

The sun appear

And that light

Will reach my heart

Or die...


Taking part in Flash Fiction Friday, hosted by G-Man!

Thursday, October 21

Life Knows Better


You’ll never know

But somehow you guess well

Certain that the path

Will never be the same


Always new

Like that water down the stream

You’ll never know

But guessing here

You are

Certain that the path

Will be the same

But new brand

Wise it is to know

Life is just that sigh,

Its changes,

And all that…


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Monday, October 18

She me




I did not mean
to hurt you



I am so glad
I did.