Friday, December 31

Day & Night

It has always amazed me
When I get out of my little space
And go up, up, up,
 Away from my centre
To observe the world. 

It’s 12 p. m. in my area
Still 12 more hours to go...
And  in just an hour
They will be already celebrating
The New Year in Australia.

In India,  Susan will be celebrating in seven hours!
In New York they still have to wait 17 hours
In Los Angeles they must wait for  20
And Oh those in Hawaii 22!

Beautiful WORLD

We are here at this very moment
All souls connected in the very same second

But day and night visit their own way
So that date changes, yes...

What to me was yesterday
To you is today
Or viceversa
If you are in that other place, 

(Click on photos if you need to see better!)

...But we wish for the same...


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Thursday, December 30

Unnoticed Agony

Lost By Sekatsim-Deviantart

Some are serious memories...

Certain moments in life
With us will go in our mind
Until the day we die

One of them is this
When my little girl was not yet six

‘Go pick your sister’
‘Why me?’
‘Cause I tell you so!’

In that reluctant second of yours
   My world had vanished
   The crowd had swallowed me
   And I was searching and searching
   Among all those tall beings
   So alien, so menacing...

In that reluctant second of yours
   I was lost, I was dying
   All that shot-off adrenaline
   My only company
   And the thousand thoughts that can come to your mind
    In just a flash like that…

So you grabbed me and pulled me
And in your fury I found comfort
And in the laughter and distraction
Of mum I needed a hug and something like,
Hey- you are safe with us, love!

Instead, I had to swallow my river of tears
The shock on my face, my impotence and fear.
That still indescribable fear...

So unsympathetic all you were…

But this is my family, any way
   All I have, everything.


Tuesday, December 28


You are not a thief
You are not deranged
But a peeping tom…
Or, are you not?

You are that bird
Hiding in a tree
Looking through 
   into my window
Needing to see me
As I start to get dressed 
Because you are obsessed

Red Lace by AexandraG
With my hips and legs
   And the way I walk
   And the way I talk
   And the way I wink
   hardly ever at you 

But I know you observe me
Follow my track
I feel your presence
Though you are not there
When I look back

Yes, I know you admire me
   Every move I make... 
And  I pretend I am oblivious
But must admit
I love of yours...

That obsession
Unique admiration
Bordering a rather weird

Written for One Shot Wednesday

Sunday, December 26


Collecting single glances
Of a recent past
About to metamorphose
   Into a long ago

The tune I can hum
But the lyrics are gone.

So the grass is kissed by the wind
That scene brings back
The bizarre peace
I  had forgotten
   Long ago...

When sugar was just sweet

Already long ago
    pain evolved into a habit
And letting go
Into a captive freedom

And what only happened to others
Began to knock at my door
And stayed for coffee

And that fragile innocence
Changed into bitter taste

Despite all that sugar...

Friday, December 24

Time to Say...

IMAGE: adapted from >

Missing You at Christmas.Canvas Print by Charles Plant

Another season
Holly and holy

…Of love and family
And those who
 Were gone.

Time to celebrate…
...Always wondered what.

Now I know:

We are together

   in spirit
   in distance
  in both.

Some so lonely…
 Or perhaps
   Just alone.

That could be you
     Or I...
....Sitting on a chair
Watching time come 
   and go by
As any other day

No matter
Time or space.

This life
Or the other.

A smile....
   Comes easy,
From the heart
   To say on this
   Funny day

'Merry Christmas!'

Et cetera!

< Dulce >


Wednesday, December 22

How could I forget?


How could I forget?

Those were the times
When our fantasy was loose
And we lived the day as if the very last
And we did not care about the others
Or if they’d been hurt by our nerve

Those were the times
When passion was all that mattered
And we enjoyed our bodies
As if the only ones
As the only ones
Not missing a single spot
Kissing all and all
Till exhaustion
Times of sweestest love

Those were…

Days when brightness shone everywhere
As if only for you and me

We ignored
The future
The past
The evil...
How could I forget?

My mind might
My soul

Tuesday, December 21


Persephone’ Canvas Print by Patricia Ariel

Cannot go about
Moaning about life and death,
Peace and war
As if Hemingway.

Cannot stand
Cannot struggle
Cannot be too aware
 Too oblivious.
Cannot keep observing
And reaching conclusions
Leading me to further confusion

The massive fight,
As the individual ,

And can only stop
That day I die...


Sunday, December 19

And The Moment Left Us

There are those who
   Want to go out into
   What is to come
Hurtus conclusus,
...As they do into the past.

Through the unlike interstices
Foreseeing vague approximate
Ghosts that might 
one day         
And get to be 

There are others who
   Do not want to know
   What to them
   Is about to come

Others who 
   just want to know

Joyful it is
   Feeling without foreboding
   Giving each day its own desire.

Expiring the present placidity or laceration:
 Joyous and hard.

Because above today’s shoulders
We miss that look into tomorrow
Neglecting- clumsily
This moment
   Already missed
What is in our hands
   Not to be lost...
Adapted from  Los Adivinos (on Charlas Con Troylo) by Antonio Gala

Thursday, December 16

Smelling Freshly Cut Grass

Image source

It brings me
It gives me
More than pure air

It embellishes me
It enraptures me
Carries me away
To and fro
All sweetest times 

It sets that smile on my face
And my spirit
It reminds me
Life is...
And I am part of it.

Written for  The Thursday Think Tank- # Smell- hosted by Poets United

Tuesday, December 14

Cold Circles Round Warm Love

Those were the nights
    of cold December
   I will always remember

These are the nights
    of cold December
   Holding me freezing
   Making up my mind 

There is no way
    to escape this plight
But stand by your side

Search for that
Sweet warmth
   of you in mine
   I in you...
  my tender knight...
_______________________________________ Written for One Shot Wednesday

Saturday, December 11

I Write
I write

In a senseless rhythm
I write because it’s a must
Recalling facts from real life
And what I never got to have
In a bare try

I write

While I search for the right words
So you can search for the right meaning
All the same
No way, but
For the sake of it
For there should be a reason
Or maybe not 

I write

Today is an in-and-out
And in again
Deeper- so intense
It hurts somehow
No place to stand or start
No reason to find
The exact moment 

I write

But before I’ve finished
You’ve probably left
When this is taken for granted
Need to have begun
When I lost the sense of rhythm
And rhyme 

I write

My words stolen
Where do they lead us to

    you, me? 

My heart

Friday, December 10


Last train to nowhere

She’s come to stay

Gazing at the mist

In her heart

As it disperses with this suffering

Of space and time

So sweetly.

Grabbing the key long hidden

To open her captive soul

A gust of wind


Moves her hair

So as to consolidate

Her whole presence

With the place.


Taking part in 55 Flash Fiction Friday

Thursday, December 9

Seizing Air

A Place to Dream

In her confusion and hard approach

She well kept in mind her one 

   Only goal

And they laughed at her

Saw no fun on it

What’s all this about

   Needs to shout

Cannot open her mouth

It’s all so grey, so dizzy, so dark

Gets towards the light

Familiar the place

But has to trudge, stray

Among the noisy crowd

And there he is

   As if standing

   Seen half seen

Her words won’t come out

For what can she say

Just the urge that he notices her

So he does

No surprise

But turns away


She keeps searching for his smile

A face not clear

Which vanishes

As she opens her eyes

So pleased to remember

She does not love him anymore

Waking up

Thank God.