Friday, September 30

one only

   hot night
Lit by attentive
Broken quietness
    by the chirping
Of this one only cricket
One only witness

    observing the dark
And the glittering of the star
Giving us
     no chance
To look
     into the future
And this moment
     as the only one

What else could matter?
   is you,
One and only.

 ____________________________________________________the birth...or death...of Venus by

NOTE: Although the pic is one of  the goddess, the refence to Venus here is for the planet, the star, that most shines these nights of crescent moon. It's really hot these days in my place...

Tuesday, September 27


lying here on the grass
   you and I
not like in those dreamy films
this grass is high
and there are hoppers
and other bugs
but we are together
   at last
our children are not playing around
for we have none
and the silence is broken
by the cars passing by
   now and then
and you are not perfect
   I am angry about that
but you are amazed by this hill
and the few trees, leaves and bees
and so much you need  to kiss me
and give and that I forget and relax
   and enjoy this bliss of us
disturbed only by this sweet breeze 

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Image > wild things - number 2 by Dorit

Sunday, September 25



these windows
inverted mirrors
 reflecting the outside
what's inside
sun and rain I watch
from this position and light
that’s, bounded by
 from within.

Tuesday, September 20

Her Plight

She should have known better.

Powerlessly he dives
Into a lake that breaks
    his fate
When the fireworks
    all gone off

And too late she knows
What already the others warned.

It’s his pride
His discomfort
Against the whole world.

Flying too high
Leaving behind
What most matters,

Her safety
Her right
Now her plight.

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An off-key waltz by

Saturday, September 17

cherish me

it needs no celebration
no send me flowers or chocolates
just keep cherishing me
as in the old days...

those were the ones
when all nuances of our shared life
big and small
were kept as jewels to our hearts

no tell me the banal three words
just prove you do feel so
as if this was the last moment
of a worth dwelling existence.
Image: Nightmare by Itchy Stitch

Friday, September 16



saw him in the sky
going west
while savouring
a last mouthful
of chocolate

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Tuesday, September 13


Why- you

Drying my last tear with your lips

You, caressing me

So gently

Staring till the limits of my body.

That expression in your face

Which I can’t describe

It’s not a smile

but it so appealing shines.

You, touching my whole dream

And I

Wishing I could your thoughts read

Observing you

 Knowing exactly where the next move goes

In sweet tune I move

My hips all tensions let go

And my chest is anew

After I breathe out


You, master, once more

got me.



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Sunday, September 11

Yawn On

Fiends stay
And partake in games
So easy
They play
and they get stuck there...
That evil...
Cause you didn’t let it flow
Try to
At least
 Sneeze or yawn...
Your evil...
As big as your craving
To stay or snore on..
You did not know
It got on
And in
   so deep in

Cause when you don’t let it flow
That’s it,
You are gone.


Image: Sisyphus by Franz von Stuck

Wednesday, September 7


Back to dreaming
About the places we wanted to materialize.

Back to living and suffering that first loss.

Wanting to return
And get back those simple things
That once made ​​the difference
Between the child we are now
And the one we used to be.


Tuesday, September 6

We See-Memories

While the sea
As wide the wide
Wild sea
And the memories
As old the old
Blissful memories
If the path

So long
The long
Narrow path.
And that beloved
One friend comes
     teaching me,

There is no end
Or start
Just the path
The memories
And the sea.

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Painting by J.A.G. Villarrubia

Friday, September 2


My intimacy visited
By ghosts of a lonely deep past
Who forgot me
Whilst I don’t.

Confusion could last
Till that day I died.

My conciliation only a part
Of a running river
Where rapids set me apart
In moments of thorough giving.

  I gain no time or room

To enjoy my freedom and tomb.


The Fall of NothingPhotographic Print by Mario Sánchez Nevado