Tuesday, December 27

Another Today

Today this I might

Feel like that queen



Most desired.

Apparent and unseen

I might right now

Feel gold crowned


Lustrous nails


Most desired.

By even those…

Reverent minds


The most inclined

And also the least sharp.

So I’d be


Encircling it all

Joined to harmony

For life.

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Wishing everyone who might drop by and those who never will a very happy new year.
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Friday, December 23


I fall

because that’s what I choose
too late the new voices
came to whisper
that there might be a way out

those voices of the past
remain in this corridor
my own archway
looking out
into a dry dreary garden

I fall in and out
for not being perfect
that much I know

but see
 I am able to imagine
there are flowers and butterflies, instead
despite my willing to rather stay
in this duct.


windswept in grandeur by

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Tuesday, December 20

no star

it’s getting more and more lonely
this December night,
lost childhood
and weary elves
which no longer occur

no more kisses under mistletoe

my courage trembling
at my temples,

my chest getting impatient
like my  thighs

wonderful neglected verbs
longing  to emplore

somewhere to grasp
my new miracle
my axiom
or just a manger…


“Sandcastles" from "Whispers" series by

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Friday, December 16

not the end

Don’t you go
There ‘s still some tune
 In my head
All by itself
While I try to enjoy
This moment of the end
Of exhaustion.

Image credit
Abstract Transitions Panel 4, by Cameron Gray


Saturday, December 10

On the Tip of My Tongue

Lost it
T' was heartfelt 

Of course 

And I had written it so briefly and clearly

In my mind 

It wasn’t about the stars or the moon 

That blah blah blah


Nor was it about me and you
Or you
Or me
Or Him

Was not about that stuff

which tries to bother me

All the time

Day after day 

Night after night

It was more about ...

It was better than that 
But I lost it
In the sack.


Tuesday, December 6

My Sack

It’s this moment I feel

So perfect now, as a relief

Now here and so quickly, already gone

Together with all that’s past

And so belongs in the sack of my memories

So good there is a hole

Which lets a few now and then abscond

And so the weight lessens

Hands open allowing balloons vanish

Up into that place with the air

Who knows where.

Royal Self by