Friday, May 31


Been longer than I can afford

          to  remember

…It moves me…

Since I last dropped a line,
At least to fears

Or cheers

…It moves me…

That I left

For all this mess

I allowed my life to get in


….It moves

Any soul

Able to share

And those who give no damn….

For it moves

IMAGE > Going Somewhere by Debbie Jew


Anthony Duce said...


Brian Miller said...

it moves me too.

hiya dulce
good to see you..

ayala said...

It moves me :) good to see you :)

Heaven said...

Yes it does ~ Nice to see you ~

DULCE said...

Love to 'see' you my dear ones

Thank YOU!

Steve E said...

It moves me--that picture of very pretty girl and bird, in a boat with no paddle. THAT is cruel actuality.

Dulce, your poems seem to begin from nowhere, and finish up....WHERE!...where EVER they land. And once there, those words "move" people...and me.

Nice to "see" you also

Fragrant Liar said...

Nice. When the words come, it's so nice.