Friday, June 21

Mom… loves me, loves me not

Martha keeps crying her late hubbie
After eight long years
Eight years her two sons
Also lost their mom.

Sylvia lost both hubbie and sons
Not because they  are dead
Because she only cares about herself
Limiting just to do her best.

Susan is obsessed
 with the two of them
And gives no damn about her ex
She’d die were not they both
 near, by her.

Laura lost them all 
  after divorce
He killed them both
one day
 when he picked them up
Saying he’d take them on his day
 to the park
as they played...

IMAGE: Mother and Sons by Julie Nicholls


Steve E said...

What a story--cut to the bone. An emotional look at these people and their lives (and deaths?)

I imagined this to be story of a person with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), formerly known as "multiple personality disorder".

Loves me, Loves me not a fitting title for these illnesses, whatever they are. I have trouble wrapping my brain around this seeming chaos.

Dulce, this blog seems as if you used a guest writer, neither good, nor bad---only different.

I'll stick with my "THREE FACES OF EVE" diagnosis


Brian Miller said...

ugh a rather grisly and surreal reality we live in at times...makes you wonder at people sometimes...what is it that snaps inside them to make them do what they do at times....

A Plain Observer said...

In every stanza I could see people I know, stories I heard. That's what your writing does to me.
Good to visit you again dear Dulce

Mary said...

This is quite a tale! No one happy, it seems....