Saturday, June 29

weird- am here

I laugh at the thought
Understand now more
Why so many love

I weep at the thought
We go on 
no matter what
and celebrate
and get moved
whatever is 
a bit

I loathe thoughts
I cannot control

I clean the house
And paint the walls

I sink in the blue sea
And scream
So only the fish 
can hear
am here

Dolphin game by Mikhail Palinchak


Brian Miller said...

smiles...queen are a trip...

i like that we are inspired by what is human...if only we could be more human you know...

i am a sucker for football though...sorry...smiles.

its fun where our minds take us...sometimes sad...but interesting none the less...

and in the end
do we not all want
someone to know
we were here.

even if just the fish.

Mary said...

I think sometimes it feels good to scream...especially if only the fish can hear us. (And they will never tell. Smiles.)

Rick Forrestal said...


Wonderful post.

Steve Elsaesser said...

Did I not comment here? Shame! Fav poet in bottom of sea screaming for her recognition. And those fish have heard, and know of their good have your talent among them. Please keep up your work. Share with us your vivid, wild and quirky imagination, Dear Dulce.

MOst people (everyone,) has minimal control of our thoughts. What i decide to DO with my thoughts, that I can control. And the home benefits with cleanliness and a paint job--grin!

LOVE and PEACE Canary-Girl

Steve Elsaesser said...
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Margie said...

HI Dulce,
It's been a long time since I have visited you, have been away from blogging and just recently came back.
Nice to see that you are still writing.
And I hope you are well and happy!
I have always enjoyed your poetry as I do this one. I used to hate football but now love it :)

Vandana Sharma said...

Sometimes we just want to be alone and scream out aloud.....thoughts well described and thanks for the "encouragement"...:)

albert said...

hi dulce beautiful poem. i consider a fantastic write and much talen y capacitation kisses

albert said...

beautiful blog kisses

ayala said...

Love this :) came by to see how you are doing. I hope you are well.

albert said...

beautiful blog kisses

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

An intersting piece that I enjoyed reading. Me and my partner like football!

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.