Friday, October 23

Steve Steve Steve

I know you need this
So I am giving you what you like
Words are all I have my dear

Such a huge  light turned off forever
Such big tears drop
I see you smiling at me
I hear you praising me
Loving me
Holding me
Is you that star?

I see you everywhere
Taking note
Guiding me
I see you see me

But this way is new to me
I keep the ‘ it’s unfair’
The ‘You shouldn’t have’
The ‘Why God, why’
And you just smile
a smile never seen before
from that dimension of yours

Which still gives me some hope
no matter what
I love you
 no matter what
you are by my side
no matter what
 my dearest
 I will always love you.

Rest in peace, honey.



From great Mount Teide, 
to mustard seed,
swimming fish, 
or mammal--
grounded? treed?
might this be my creed:

that God created all and every
for His Own secret need...
even thee, even me.

Neither one has bossed
since our paths merged
in that spiritual sense.

Nor has that line been crossed
however we urged, 
fell, rose, surged, 
in or out--temptations.
NO! "Tempting" is incorrect...
sweetest contemplations.

Six years, or is it seven?
Would not matter if be
one hundred or eleven.

My life is mine, 
yours is you and yours.
We, whether in real or dream
have hopefully, dutifully, 
found a road to heaven.

As God puts one in another's path
intending--though He may be,
I could never have dreamed
it might be you and me...

As with good red wine
we touched, smelled, tasted
most sweetest of nectars,
one another...

So now it is games we play. 
As if old, we sit, we stay,
not ever once more to hear 
between us, as in yesteryear,
those words so dear, 
so true--
"I love you!"


A Plain Observer said...

Beautiful, Dulce. I thought about you and wanted to tell you, but couldn't find your blog. Through your writing I met Steve. This summer I was going to meet him in person. It didn't happen.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

A beautiful tribute. I loved this. I especially loved that God made each of us for His own secret reason.

Claudia said...

may he rest in peace - i miss him so much
i was in tears when i heard about his death
i know though that he has a wonderful time in heaven, probably playing his violin and dancing - smiles

Duchess ♥ said...

Thank you, my dear friends for your comments.
Lucky me, I had the chance to meet him in person and spend amazing moments with him. We hadn't talked for a while and finding out through facebook he had passed away - that silly way- was a shock to me so difficult to bear...

But I know now, he is watching and enjoying in a way impossible for us to see, percieve or understand.

Another angel by my side.

@-- @--<3 <3

aguja said...

So sad to lose someone - I did not know Steve, but I am sure that he and his music is in many souls ... and so, he lives on.