Saturday, June 29

weird- am here

I laugh at the thought
Understand now more
Why so many love

I weep at the thought
We go on 
no matter what
and celebrate
and get moved
whatever is 
a bit

I loathe thoughts
I cannot control

I clean the house
And paint the walls

I sink in the blue sea
And scream
So only the fish 
can hear
am here

Dolphin game by Mikhail Palinchak

Friday, June 21

Mom… loves me, loves me not

Martha keeps crying her late hubbie
After eight long years
Eight years her two sons
Also lost their mom.

Sylvia lost both hubbie and sons
Not because they  are dead
Because she only cares about herself
Limiting just to do her best.

Susan is obsessed
 with the two of them
And gives no damn about her ex
She’d die were not they both
 near, by her.

Laura lost them all 
  after divorce
He killed them both
one day
 when he picked them up
Saying he’d take them on his day
 to the park
as they played...

IMAGE: Mother and Sons by Julie Nicholls