Saturday, March 11

it seems (re edited)

It so seems to me
That you spy me
From the corners of time
Which they say no longer is
For such thing
Does not exist
But I remember…

It so seems to me
That you are near
Because I dream you
In the deep far ends
Where my memory gets
And you peer into my mind
Since those days when
My skinny body was
Made of young cells
And bewilderment…

 And it so seems
Because I sense you
Like a dry tear
To the departed dead.

 Surreal by


Steve E said...

It so seems we mourn poetically--and even at that--it is simple...simply beautiful.

Glad to see you posting, Canary-Girl!

Brian Miller said...

shivers on the last stanza dulce...evocative...really like the second one though...def feel the longing and missing...

Claudia said...

It so seems to me
That you are near
Because I dream you
In the deep far ends..this is beautiful dulce...also the body made of young cells and bewilderment..yep...def. can feel the aching..

Anthony Duce said...

Enjoyed the sparse way this comes together especially the end.

Tabitha said...

Lovely.As always.You deliver
your truth.Thank you for sharing.

aguja said...

Your poem is so beautiful and so moving; it really touched my senses.

RNSANE said...

It's so nice to visit you again from India which I love so four months here ends April 5th. I will stop over for five days in Hong Kong as I head back to San Francisco but I will try desperately to return here in two heart is in this country, that is for sure. It's been a place of magic and romance and happiness for me, Dulce.

moondustwriter said...

there is a sentiment that can rarely be conveyed in words and yet you did it beautifully

hugs from the Moon