Tuesday, February 15

sweet see you later

 I’ve created a new blog, My Duality, which you are all so welcome to visit and follow; but please, don’t feel obliged to.

I leave this
my sweet
 warm home
for a while
With a few salty tears
and a saddy kind of fear

To move out
Into a new
 still to-be- furnished house
no garden yet
but flowers to get

So full of new ideas
All brand new
But there's something
that special stuff
I cannot get rid of
No matter what
I like it or not
Will come with me
Till the end of my short time.


Sunday, February 13

My Bouquet

A huge bouquet of deep red
Velvet roses,
What A shame,
I won’t get.
A  box  of varied and delicious
Swiss chocolates
Am afraid,
I won’t get.
A passionate good morning kiss
I won’t get
I won’t give.
Might though need .

But I’ll go and see
And buy them
For myself
After a loving smile
And a smirk
At my sight
In the mirror...


Saturday, February 12

Oceans Of Love

Trying to find the perfect
Million excuses
Not to love you.
and you get twice
as many

The land has disappeared
My eyes wide open
Cannot believe
when was it
I got on board…

You give me
this sweetest comfort
How could I resist
Your caress
Your bliss

 Swinging in your fantasy
How could I resist
Such harmony

You shut up my jealousy
It’s only you I do.
I love you
I love you too.

And I become all yours
As you are all mine

And the sea becomes so flat
We could walk
 hand in hand
and on
All the oceans
of life.

Image 'Follow Your Heart by Amanda Cass______________________________________________________

As I've lost my inspiration I ve decided to recycle and improve (?) this poem, a version of one I wrote last August, titled Our Boat. I needed to post something for St Valentine's and One Shot Poetry has invited us to, so, hey -Happy Weekend and 
joyful Valentine's Day!!!

Thursday, February 10

Bittersweet Indisposition

I lost my inspiration

Where am I going to find it?

I lost it while looking up

At that moon

And because of you

Sounds like

a good excuse.


Sweeping away the clouds

Searching in a flower

Or the annoying fly

Or the analogy of lying






Same old story


Lost my inspiration

Ideas in juxtaposition

Let down by

This weird unambition.


IMAGE: Young Woman Writing a Letter (detail), from a poster for Encre Marquet by Eugene Grasset, 1892.

Monday, February 7


Sister moon
Half ring shaped
Pointing up
The Universe
Brings to me
A mysterious
Eastern zephyr…
It’s not
Summer night
Not witches night
But that puzzling breeze
Touched my skin
Windows closed.

نسيم الشرقية

Image:"Touching the ephemeral" - from "Whispers" series Canvas Print by dorina costras

Saturday, February 5

A Short Distance

Lots remain
Since I am not
In a hurry

My head
Going into
The future…

It’s cold.



Image: ‘ophelia 1Canvas Print by dawne polis

Wednesday, February 2

That Lover

 Just the rhythm of our souls
I’ll be your sun
Even though the day is done.

This is here for eternity.

You are so delicate
I am so fragile.

We bathe in moistened
Pure water,
Fragrant oils...
This togetherness
All of a sudden
This spring
This warmth.

No need to prove
We love each other
One more than the other.

When you touch me
I am filled
And words need not
To be uttered
But, do, please
Whisper it again.