Tuesday, March 27


Falling tears down to my lips
Craving to yell
Cry out this agony
 My chest and fantasy
Weeping in torment
Sensing slowly
The small pieces
Of what should have never been
Taken for granted.

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Sunday, March 18


There should be a last time
As there is a first

My tiny wisdom dares say

I find no end to this unrest

The afternoon was complete

It began on purpose
But the sun went down
Bringing a sleepless clear night

And I dared say

This getting old is getting familiar

It matches
As a flower to spring

And the odds go

And so do

The losses.

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[My dear friends I do not expect you to comment or even read... I just need to blog, post stuff, dare... My busy life at the moment does not allow me to visit all or any of you. May I say how sorry I am for that... Hoping to catch up one day soon.
Thanks for your sympathy  and  empathy :-/

Sunday, March 11

it seems

It so seems to me
That you spy me
From the corners of time
Which they say no longer is
For such thing
Does not exist
But I remember…

It so seems to me
That you are near
Because I dream you
In the deep far ends
Where my memory gets
And you peer into my mind
Since those days when
My skinny body was
Made of young cells
And bewilderment…

 And it so seems
Because I sense you
Like a dry tear
To the departed dead.

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Sunday, March 4

missing titles as well


Trees shaped
 by north winds
A poet hit
then blessed
by a star
Still his pen
 got nothing to write
For if the muse can’t choose
Nothing is there to do
But wait till the winds
Swirl from south.


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