Friday, March 29

We shared a yester day



I’ll put parsley on top

I’ll celebrate you are keen on me

And wonder why the rest don’t

It’s ‘cause I escape

Become invisible

Hate being noticed

For the one I am

Is all that you see

And the so much more

Vanishes with the cinnamon

Again basil will be the taste

And I’ll celebrate

With sushi and rice

That you said

Why is it

The rest don’t.



Gaia  by



Brian Miller said...

nice...i like all the tastes in this...and maybe a kernel of truth there in the middle as well on escaping and not wanting the attention as well...nice dulce...smiles.

Anthony Duce said...

Wonderful spices. The words create images and flavors too. Love it...

Steve E said...

This week Anna been in Tampa, and so I been living alone for ten days. Everything fine, until one (sad? ME?) evening I received a phone call from a friend. That was good. OK.

Next, I began to wonder "Where are the others? Why don't THEY...?"

THEN it dawned on me! AHA! Where am *I*...Why don't I? Dammit, always it comes back to me and that mirror! CRAP.

PS Although you write well as ever, I don't identify with all those flavors...and hiding from attention, etc. But I do understand.

I am mean
Without caffein.

RNSANE said...

Dearest Dulce, your poetry is delectable, divine and delicious...but, what else?!!

aguja said...

I love the quirkiness of this poem. It reads really well and made me smile.

RNSANE said...

I don't get by very often but you aren't invisible. I am always rewarded when I visit, with something wonderful and tasty and most delightful.

I'm off to India again June 1, for six months, I hope, with a brand new left shoulder and a lovely granddaugher, one month old - she will certainly be missed!!

Vandana Sharma said...

The celebrations with a loved one:)