Monday, December 31

2013, or...




Another year’s gone

Will all

your wishes come true?

Are you going to

 resolve any of the twelve?

They should be thirteen


It does not seem as if it were

to start

all over again

Feels more like

 a continuity of what

began centuries ago


That is lasting


 too long.



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Brian Miller said...

a rather sombre look at the new year...but then again, it is more of the same...

happy new year dulce..

ayala said...

I hope you have a happy and healthy New Year !

Anne Frank said...

I understand the feeling...specialy with this economic crisis...we have to start again...but it is ok,lets continue the fight! happy new year dulce! wish you all the best!

Anthony Duce said...

A very good assessment of this juncture between 12 and 13. Wishing all the best with 13.

Steve E said...

Prayers used to end with..."Forever and ever, world without end. Amen"
YET I have adopted this seeming generic--but truly specific--mantra:

"In the end, everything will be OK
If everything is not OK...IT'S NOT THE END!"

Which to believe? It matters little what I believe.
This I know...that I will NEVER "know"!

Dulce, I love your poetry, even when I do not understand it. Does it not express its fulfillment in the eye/ear of the beholder? I behold beauty here!

Will all my 12 wishes come true, even #13?
All--that is, ALL!--of my wishes are impossibilities, only lovely fantasies.
All I have left is "a new attitude and outlook on life."

"We feel the way we feel, because we think the way we think.
If we want to change the way we feel, we must change the way we think."

I don't know or CARE who said that--grin! (Maybe nobody special?)
Love and PEACE, Canary-Girl.

Susan Deborah said...

Dear Dulce:

Lots of love and joy in 2013 to you and yours.

Big hugs.

Joy always,

A Plain Observer said...

I don't see it as starting centuries ago, my journey started about 11 years past, that's when I took on a different pair of glasses. I don't set goals by year, I set them by life. Hopefully I'll reach them
Feliz Ano

aguja said...

Oh, but there is fresh air to breathe and hope on its way ... and every new day in which to begin afresh.

I look forward to another year of your poems, be they long, short, sad, amusing; ones to make me think, or to sigh - bring them on Dulce!

aguja said...

I lost my comment .... but here it is again ...

Oh, but there is fresh air to breathe and the delight of a new day unfolding.

I look forward to your poems of love, sadness, beauty, amusement - bring them on Dulce!

charles said...

beautiful poem . i consider a fantastic write kisses