Thursday, March 24


Remember me like this
    No further,
   Or 'everything else'...
That is a large rest.
Just like this:
As I remember you and I will,
Your smile in the sun
My hair in the wind
In our intimate dance
Our secret
Our kiss
  Our bodies.
Naked bodies in the sunset
    Touching the abyss
By the pleasure of being together
    Which is more than just 'near'...
Remember me like this
Without passage of time
No form or space
my eyes will see with the same
my heart will seek the same light
And the sound of our sea
will be there to remind us
    we cannot forget.

And the waves will dance
At our pace and sound....

'La Baiser ou La Mort' by Paul Bamforth

Tuesday, March 22


Interminable lines
The little peace that might

Red tape
Banks and health centres
And also to get on
The big wheel...

A drop of sweat
Runs down my spine
And I make a try
As I bide my time
And I see their lives
Like mine
Longing for a turn
Without a smile
Unable to enjoy anyones  sympathy
Not even mine.

posted for OSW

Image: The queue to see the end of the crisisby elsilencio

Sunday, March 20

Bloody Hell

Everything is on top
On top of everything.

I would like to write about
Something really deep
As this out of beat breathes...

After hearing
about missiles here
and nuclear disasters there...
And all the support
our hearts can launch
to theirs
wont reduce their devastation
in the least
and the pain they experience
and the fear and desperation
I can share in total confusion
Total helplessness
At awe- we are at awe.

How appalling life can get to be
On top of the previous ones
This time Earth spoke its mind!

And that could be me
and my siblings
And on top of all that
The unchangeable reality
On top of everything
More things, more debris
More bloody hell.

 Image by Evita Aslanidou

Friday, March 11

Getting On

Too long away...

I am not waiting
I am just hoping

That the train is a nice place
To stay maybe even sway
Either way

Can take the whole day

I don’t care about destinations
Nowhere is as good a place
As whichever

I just want to sit
Make myself comfortable

Might be going
  north or east

I can always come back
  south or west

My only quest
   to get on that train.