Monday, October 31


All of a sudden I am not myself any more
Just a shadow of whom I used to be
Though being had little to do with living
Living less to do with the rest of the things
I used to think I was
All of a sudden, too often, you
Showed up to send signs
That what I was doing was all wrong
And you that I had a special gift
And then you , who
could not believe that shift in me
All of a sudden the scary moments
Sacrified my existence
Turning into a tiny silly clown
At times, too often, aware.


IMAGE: Fragile, by Metal Edz

Tuesday, October 25

Been There

So stimulating this feeling is
Because as you think and feel
As you feel and think
No witness comes to play
So you can give free rein
To your imagination

No limits
No nuances…
No censorship’s allowed…

This love…
No agreements or disagreements
No arguments
No dirty details
It doest not get old
For it’s out of time and space


This love…

Is not moody
But clean
Always loose.
That perfection
One always seeks
Sweeter than just sweet...


Image Escucho Tu Voz en Silencio (Google)

Tuesday, October 18

Been Trying

Been trying
to change our fate

Forcing life to take my direction
Because I was taught hope is never lost

Thinking how to change your thinking
When never could I 

Thus, you would forgive me
I would forget
And we would start
all over again

Because I was taught
 we must forget the past
Enjoy the present
Dream the future

Been trying,

Image: I Have You in My Sights by Amanda Cass

Written for D'verse- Open Link Night Week 14

Thursday, October 13

About 55 Times

Time we need...
To stop counting the seconds
The hours the weeks
     years and
Centuries .

Time I see 
and perceive
As the now so old
 school time
equations unsolved
On and on trying
All so much more
All wrong...

Time it’d be
So much simpler
If it did not exist.


Tell a story, write a poem in 55 words and then go see g-man.
Killing Time by

Tuesday, October 11


Everything seems stuck
in this cold gold morning
We're alone
  a dulcian melody and I
This music
swells up the air
  enhances the trees
strips the sun.

The morning turns looming
and solemn
  as if something special was about to happen.

And I hum
In my dream I dreamt
And I prayed that you dreamed me
As I dream you.

_______________________________________posted for d'verse 

{Firstly written 'fagot', Spanish bassoon}

Thoughts For Company by

Monday, October 10


This wisdom I achieve
As I need to abandon it.

But let me be now.

This moment  I praise
 I need this silence
this distance
 this dumbness.

My soul is talking
And I don’t hear.

My body is listening
And I just breathe

looking at the ceiling
I don’t think.

And the voices bounce and leave
yours I won’t long to hear

It’s vital though
 you understand
and keep near
Outside my sphere.


Thursday, October 6

visiting distance

There comes a time
when we wonder
what is it
I like about you
you about me…
It’s then when
the answers pend in the sky
as floating stars

As ageless as aside

It’s then when
those sleep-filled thoughts
remain in god’s hands
out of our control
for we’ve learnt the way to adore
treasure and never scorn
not afraid to talk
touch and close
our eyes
meeting in the moon.


Awake In A Silver Land  by Cameron Gray

Tuesday, October 4

On Clocks and Other Stuff

So much worse
Had it been predictable

Once more

 Is not like the river
It does not get old

It’s like the past
You want to hide it afar
but so often the answers
are there to be found

It’s this train whose last call
We’ll never 
ever get to
Running too slowly 
and so fast

And the time I moved 
at dusk
While setting the clockhands
To get the hour:

Seven were ahead.

 ___________________________________________       Posted for d'verse

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Saturday, October 1

dulcet call


She found me first
While looking for her

Was really I…?

My name echoed
   through thick stone

Got not petrified

She was there
In every corner
Praising me

Inevitably trying to dodge
That I heard that soothing word
Which is my sobriquet
Through her enlightenment
Sweeter voice

That of hush and amity
Haven and heaven
Fugue and abide
And no anticipation.