Tuesday, December 11

Another Mercury Day


Tomorrow is

Another Wednesday

In the middle

As any other


And some might bother and

be mad at it

Tomorrow is

the third day of any week

and the 1200th of our gay game

Flippant, playful


Tomorrow I

will have forgotten you

And you’ll be reminding me

there was a day

when we were

active and bouncy

And it happened on

A Wednesday…

I’d say

so volatile and


as any other damned Wed.


Will be

Just another

 today...- and that's

Good enough.



[About three hours for 12/12/12...HAPPY Tomorrow

Hoping it'll be a good day to everyone]
Posting this for d'verse poets

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Brian Miller said...

having yet one more day, well that is definitely good enough...especially after being able to share 24 years of them together...smiles.

Heaven said...

Some days feel like its another day for me too, specially if you have been together for a long time ~

Nice to see you Dulce ~

Beachanny said...

Perhaps it's time to "spice up Wednesdays" - any day can start to feel like any other especially without special markers. Unique way of saying so. Well done.

Anonymous said...

i know this feeling well. too well. good capture.

Laura said...

yes, exactly, "good enough." what else could it be really?

ayala said...

One more day is good enough...nice capture. :)

Anthony Duce said...

Wonderful. Wednesdays come so often. How does one remember. Love the last four lines…

Steve E said...

Nicely written lines of how you "see tomorrow"--tonight. Morning might see it differently. Then would you rewrite?

My violin teacher told me--frequently--that "Good enough" was not GOOD ENOUGH! I think he used the word "unacceptable".

Keep writing, we all need those "Sweeter" words, from Dulce!

Tracie Skarbo said...

Good enough indeed! :)

Anne Frank said...

good enought from top to the end! glad to read you Dulce <3

A Plain Observer said...

it's hard to avoid monotony, Dear Dulce, very hard. Even I who hates monotony have succumbed to it. It is another Wednesday here too

aguja said...

As brilliant as ever! I am sorry that i have missed out for a while ... and I wish you a Happy Christmas, Dulce!