Thursday, December 6

Still here, here still

Times we had
when the grass
was greener
looking for
Spots showed up
before our smiles

Times we had
when that dark
side of the moon
and the light
the taste
 much sweeter

Times we had
times we shared
and at them we laughed
now gone
but the applause
we still hear
Still here
Here still

Inspired by listening to Pink Floyd today.

Image: Faces in the Mirror by 


Steve E said...

This is dual-comment posting:

"That dark side of the moon was meaningless" HA! Had some of those myself!

This line is the "classic" IMO:

"..but the applause
we still hear
Still here
Here still

Dulce you are getting back "in the groove" PLEASE keep writing when even a few minutes are available. GOOD poem. Thank you

Brian Miller said...

smiles....glad you can still hear the applause...and hopefully those days are never fully gone...just different you know...smiles...

always great to see you dulce...

and could def feel the pink floyd influence...smiles.

Heaven said...

I like the refraining lines of the taste, much sweeter are the memories ~

Nice to read you again Dulce ~

I hope all is well ~

Claudia said... your pink floyd inclusion...and cool wordplay at the end with the still hear, still still...the good thing is that there's continuous movement and the moon and the sun play on and on...happy friday dulce...

RNSANE said...

You are always wonderful, still here, here still, lovely Dulce.

Laura said...

Beautiful dear Dulce!