Saturday, February 25

on she and his

Coming out of the woods


First time

He feels proud, male


Not what she had expected

She ...

Not what she had so thoroughly

Dreamt about

What a foul.

And he...

He feels proud and even sexy.

No words in the way back

His head up

Hers down.

Searching for answers


In the first place

She ...

For so long

Had behaved

As if on sale.

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chiaroscuro by

Friday, February 24


This huge lounge where you go about

 While I do as if I glanced

But I do gaze

 At you and

 At the tall windows.

Inside it’s Paris

Outside it’s Baghdad.

For some reason we need to go outside [...]

How good he came and likes me

Apparently he really does.

How's that?

The car is old

And the gas station surrounded by snow


It’s all sand

For of course - as always

We are between water and land

And we take good care of the waves

And their menacing ways.

There it comes.

I run to find the highest spot

And once there

Instead of panic,

I experience this immense

Dullness for the desolation caused.

Only can One  understand  or try to decipher their own weird dreams, and put them into words. I do keep a huge archive of them, so many visit me once and again... as those of huge waves, long before I knew anything about tsunamis...

IMAGE:  All Along the Watchtower by

Tuesday, February 21


An inmate of
This being of
This ripping of
A lonely soul
Out of
Exhaling to toss
Inhaling, hard chore
I don’t listen
I am off
I drag
I cough.

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IMAGE:  Exhale by

Friday, February 17

One Is...

 One’s fire

And fireworks.

Looking at the one I am carrying

In the mirror

This satisfaction of being

One, for

One’s exactly the same


Completely different.

One’s the sea  

as it meets the sky in the horizon.

One’s peace

Minding the mind

The understanding

The sympathy.

One’s nothing

Compared to everything



Compared to the whole.

(Adapted from a poem I once wrote called Who Am I?- long ago)

Time, Part IV by

Tuesday, February 14

falling in

It’s feathers
So gentle and smooth

Subtly stroking my chin
My cheeks, then

My humid  lips
And I wake up
To find you there
Caressing me here
With your mild


Happy Valentine' s  day to everyone!

Love is a soft place to fall by

Tuesday, February 7


Only one tear drops

With the petal

Of the one

only rose

Picked up

on my yesterday walk

Feeling you near

In the one

only second

of no thoughts

I look back to see

You’re gone.

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Muse by

Sunday, February 5


This is
Where the far end of the snowstorm gets
This is
Where we are not adapted
And no heating is enough,
for most have none
This is
A place to swim, sunbathe
And wear cardigans at the most.
Not a place to shiver and freeze
Where scarves and thick socks
 do not do their deeds
Because it gets deep
 into the bones till
 we get stuck
and paralysed.

A Measure of Winter by


Wednesday, February 1

let loose

I take it
you are wandering about me
messing my free moments up
I take it it’s for the sake of love
or obsession
a fixation
a compulsion
that wakes you up
if I’m not there
you won’t take it
and a blink is not enough
you need to play the whole game
over and over
until you get back
wandering about me.

Set me Free by