Tuesday, November 29

Scribbling Essence

I am a writer
I write
so as to explain what can not be explained
expressing great things through small words

I write
for those who can not read me
and never will
guess that is the many other mes...
as I write I paint my voice
and make projects of what should have been
and how unlucky it never was
never will

I write about  the misery of this and other worlds
I write
for it’s the only way for me to state
I am a writer
I write
in an attempt to discern and
the capital letters
 of  l·i·f·e .

Fairy Scribe by

Sunday, November 27


Had he lost his voice?

Not completely

For still I could hear

What he needed to say

Was clear.

His look disperse

Mine so direct.

I was assertive

Shy his mess.

I thought we had thought

A bliss had been born

Instead, a deep pain.

What failed?

Showing him my weakness

Or my strength?


Tuesday, November 22

Holding Stars

High up in this lookout
I keep my privacy and pledge

Nightfall’s my guest

And  as if basking
 in that reflected glory
You pretend

 While I defy
And get loose and lost
In that  imperfect accordance
 of you
 with one another

Observing me
Like flakes at times
Flames at others

About to fall down on my serenity
So as to  freeze my intelligence
Or  maybe
burn my nescience.

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Saturday, November 19

So and So

Do not misunderstand me

So much

So often

So now and then and again

I am not turning back

For I passed on to page twenty five

Where I am writing about

All I cannot hold back

And all I will not- everything

But sad.

Mistakes I’ll make


Oh now …

So much more conscious.

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Monday, November 14



I have no further intentions
Though you might think I do
Cause that’s what I reflected
What inside was true
As it’s true
I forgot to water you
Cause I also forgot
It had not rained for a long while
And your dryness
Was like that tear about to fall
That puppy asking me
To lift him
And be his mum
Until he learned or glimpsed
Life is hard
And devastating.


Flower Offering by

Sunday, November 13

Blue Urge




Water to moonbeam

So dark


Before your

Blue eyes




I jump into a giddy



Blue man,

Smiling you,

Where are you urging me to?