Tuesday, November 30

On My Other Hand….

BLUE ROOM ~ RED HAIRCanvas Print by Tammera


I open my eyes and look
At that point in space
Without a trail

Talking to myself
With great expectation

Avoiding feeling down
Feeling poor

Struggling not to revive
The old dispute
With greater justifications

For the fire of anger
And the ashes it left
So well I know where it led
Hard to swallow

Aiming at specific measures
So as to balance depression

Accepting those facts
Will never change
No matter how deep the dream

Striving not to add more burdens
On my weak back

Trying  to understand
It’s all about not feeling obliged
To be or behave
This or the other way
Sweetly let
That part of me
Fade  away.

Monday, November 29


Stepping Out In A Storm

Here in my shelter
Avoiding the open
By the window…

Gusts of hot wind
Transporting some substance
To my inner sins

Clouds of colors
 I’ve never seen
Moving places
Out of scene

No lightning or thunder
Storms, not so strong
Must be just a gale
Or a squall

Drops of rain
Moved away
By annoyed breezes

And then this disquiet quietness
And then this breathless breathing

Atmospheric instability
With little or no precipitation
Taking me to no direction.

The wheather here today... so unusual .-)

Sunday, November 28

No Melody

Nude On Butterfly Paper

Ice cracks

as I step on thin layers


air vanishes

as I run to kiss the wind


fire burns my stomach

as volcano rocks, stuck


water slips down my skin

as I sing, no melody.


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Friday, November 26

Give Me

Mujerblue by Beatriz Díez Muiño

Give me
Get me there
Give me that nice surprise

Get me there
Where I should stand
This long story
Endless tales
Not to entertain
Not even the child
In me

Me plus me
Two me

Me too…
Yet.Not enough.

Oh please,
Give me that
So that it’s new
Or old
As if
I had forgotten
The difference...

No matter how far
Or how dark
And it does not matter because

The depth is black
And blue beside

Give me a nice surprise
As if Christmas time

Give me a good reason
To start and not to
Fight against the stars.

Monday, November 15

Spotlight.... and C u Later!


This much I’ve learnt:

Cannot be always right
So hardly ever- in fact.
My knowledge
Keeps on being
That imperfect union
Between the outside
And myself.

But that constant link
With all its imperfections
Does not undermine
The importance of that bond
Of one thing
To the other...

My dear Brian has 'spolighted' me today at One Stop Poetry

This means to me more than an award or tribute, it's a recognition of a work I've been doing for too long now- I am afraid...

I take this opportunity to thank everyone at One Stop Poetry and all of my dear blogger friends, followers and readers for their always encouraging and supportive comments on this blog.

I must apologize for not having visited any of you in the last few days, but my private life is taking up most of my time, so blogging has become more a burden than a pleasure...- :-(

I've decided to stop blogging for a while, until the time is right- again!

See you all soon!
Joy always
Sweet hugs to everyone!


Sunday, November 14


You are not ill

But need to pay

That bloody bill

You got a fine

Taxes and toys

For your boys

Get up early tomorrow

Have to work

Great deal...

You pass him by

You feel sorry

(Just another one)

Not even look at him

But he’s got all the time in his life

To stare at you

Mum, why is he begging?

Why don’t you give him some of yours?

He’ll spend it on drugs

Maybe he’s hungry

Well, then he should go to work...

But she knows

Neither drugs nor work

Will do.

His misery, a mystery

Only he knows

But, somehow

She too.

___________________________________________One Shoot Sunday

Thursday, November 11

That’s What That Is...

Painting-Unknown Author

Now I know

Withhold its meaning

What it represents

Now I’ve got it

Don’t need revision

Or extension, for

Now I know

There is no need

To feel that anguish

Or that eager passion

Painful disappointments...

Now I know

It’s real

It’s for me here

To keep and conceive

No need to constantly

Pray for a miracle

A ‘please don’t go’

Or 'up show...'

Yes, I do


Love is beyond all that

Beyond frontiers



Weeping fears...

It is more about...

It's especially-

...That peace

That grows in me

As I feel thee...