Tuesday, June 28


No one awaits
No one cares.


Freely choosing
   where to go
And then not doing so.


Trying to go to sleep
Even languish
Drowsily figuring it out


Hearing the phone ring on
Check and decide
Not this time


Someone‘s fond of me
After all

   I am not.

 ____________________________________________________________Written for OSW

Woman Restingby Deborah Conroy

Sunday, June 26

On Water...


Everything is possible
In water

The rigid trunks of the trees
Rest and relax
In this waving water

As they get rid of
What is unbendable
Despite the past stronger winds

And what tight was
Becomes soft
And eased off

Yes, everything is possible
In water

Water gets rid of tears
And all the others
who come to reflect…

It all becomes whimsical
Progressing into that unreal stop

Even your tough face today
Sweetly swinging
  on water.


Painted Reflection by Astrid Strahm 

Thursday, June 23

hot night

Crickets and frogs
What do they ask for

In their issues

Their sound
And this cool breeze
Through my window

Breaking the serene night
Of my silence.


         Anikeev Sergey (Ukrainian artist) - Sleeping woman

Tuesday, June 21


These fragments

Hoping you were
Were not trying
Trying again the old formula
Breathe in, breathe out

Hoping I had
Was having
One last shower
Putting on
My favourite silky piece
Bringing back old memories

Hoping you are...
You know
Knowing and never forget
You are who you are
Hoping you are...
You accept
Accepting there is no way back
 And time is not going to stop
For you
Or anyone.

Hoping you are...
You realize
Realizing I was
Longing so little ago
For the end of what’s now
A desired
Shivering winter

Hoping we are...
Hoping we were
Sinking  into my inner sea

______________________________________________________Posted for One Shot Wednesday

Image: Reclining Woman by Jan Rauchwerger

Sunday, June 19

Ruined Sunday ~(a 160)

Bright sunshine morning
My smile anticipates
Waiting on our love
With plans
So well planned
Ruined by your call
Sorry forgot
 It’s  father’s day
See you tomorrow!


As selfish as love can be…

How much can you say in just 160 characters? Do and let Monkey Man know!

Image: At the Window by Satkki

Tuesday, June 14

common sense

And you...

Still unaware of your running risks

Reminding me to beware of mine.

And I ...

Unable to control my will

Relaxing you

On my thighs.

And it’s ok

That’s alright

For that’s the way we like

This unpredictability of ours.

And they...

Reluctant to accept

Our concern

Reducing us

To mere,




____________________________________________Posted for OSW. 

Saturday, June 11

Solstice Drafts

What if we have a nap

    In my secret

    So secret yard

Which is not behind

Or next to any land

     Created just for me

    by the guardian spirit

What if we run

    along the notes

   played by this sea

   which is not hidden

but only we can get to see.

     It’ll be nice nice nice

          Life life life

   and listen and smell


    this infatuation

which  is not forbidden

why, nobody understands

What if we play with our words


   which we only infer

   and seize

What if we touch,

    caress and kiss

What if we do

and reach

     high high high

until the nap is


____________________________________               PIC  > Ramon Kelley "Bronze Girl"1994



Tuesday, June 7

poetry and so


Attempts to open one’s heart
To whomever.

So he said
Now that I have it all
I feel most disgraceful

the Door, 2010
That’s sad, yet
I’ll make a poem out of that

He meant it
And so did I

A poem?
Yes, poetry I write
No idea what that is…
That’s not just that

Problem is
     you can’t see poetry in me...

You do
And not realize
     have no idea
What this means
To me

Ideas I have
That’s why

I cannot conceive
You have it all
And reject to see
In you or me
The swinging power


Posted for OSW and
 Poets United,, today celebrating their first anniverssary!!!

THANKS both for letting me be part of your amazing work and recognition.

Wednesday, June 1


Some beauty

More beauty

Visits my place

All the beauty

Above beauty

Kissing my neck

I refuse to refuse

And yet

Beauty stands

Out -stands




Within me.