Sunday, July 31

Soft Love

Such is the rainbow
Not a dream.

He asks her to forgive
His temporary absence
His sudden grieve.

And he kisses her cry
With such concern
Such heed, so precise.

His lips so sweet
Go slowly down
Towards her knees
How he loves that inside
That between...

That she cannot understand
Because she does not see
As he tastes
But  she feels….
And titillates.

Such is his charm
Not a dream.

That’s when her cry
Becomes her smile
His veneration
So kind,
So alive
They could die
And would not mind.

That’s when they celebrate
Their harmony,

Their peace:


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Friday, July 29

Some Times


When the light becomes mist
And these eyes cannot perceive.

When that voice
just a sound is
And his words are
but laments.

When waking up is
again dying
And that groove in the stomach
Turns off any glow for hope.
It’s then,
Some times...

Smiling afflicts the soul,
Because it is cheating her.

It’s then,
Some times...

Breathing becomes eternal

And the candle will not start

Because I am wetting it

With tears of ingratitude.


Killing TimeMounted Print by Alisa Gonzalez

Tuesday, July 26

Let Us

in pride
Beneath the music

 fall upon our backs
Until the new blooms
And dance
And not move
Beneath the music.

 Hands in chests.

With the nightingales
That declare and admit
 they fly -like I.
And on branches rest
To place a new  nest.

Beneath the music…

There is nothing else to live
But this

And the chain,
That joins the clock
To the hours,
Will break.


For yesterday is too late.

_________________________________________posted for d'Verse Poets Pub

Sunday, July 24

Back Down To Black

Again the monsters
Invading your dim night
Where no moon or stars

Getting down too deep
So deep that your feet
Buried in the mud
Cannot find a way up

Back to black
One more time

The bright light is there
But life’s too unfair

Maybe later

All you, go, fuck

This girl needs some more fun
While she can

Fun? What’s that?

Spending the night
down here
Sunk in my gut
Dark marsh.

My tribute to the sweetest VOICE

R.I.P. --Amy

Back To Black
Maybe this time


Saturday, July 23

This Owlet

You screech all night long
From dusk to dawn.
Taking over
which your nest is not.

Seems I am your prey
Despite all those mice I gave.

You try to camouflage
 stealthily moving through the dark.

 I hear every movement you make
From miles far and high away.

Stop screeching, you,
And spread those wings ajar
Having now the same feathers
You and I...

Little Night Bird,
When will you learn to rest
   On your own perch?
Owl by Jürgen Grafe

Friday, July 22

Get Out

There's still time
 Don’t give in…
To reach out and
   again begin.

Accept your shadows,
    Bury your fears,
Release all burdens,
    Take up the flight.

Do not give up
    for this is life.

Continue the journey,
Pursue your dreams,
Unlock time,
Swim in the sky.

Don’t  give up, please do not
Although the cold burns,
    and the fear hurts.
Although the sun is hidden,
    and the wind does not blow,
There's still fire in your soul
    Verve in your dreams.

A new breeze to breathe…

Because life is yours and so is that desire
Because there is wine and there are roses.
Because there are no wounds
 which time cannot heal.

Open doors
Remove bolts,
Leaving only the walls that protect you.

Live life and accept challenges
    Bring back your laughter,
Hum and sing a song,
    Loosen your passion
Unfold your wings
    And try again.

Celebrate this instant and return to heaven.
Because this is the time and the best time, the only time.
Because you're not alone, because I love you.

 Translated and adapted from Mario Benedetti’s No Te Rindas

Image Just Keep Swimming, author unknown 


Thursday, July 21


Yes, I am so selfish
But Ill be there

While you count every second
Breathing some new hope
You know it's all  lost
So do I, so will I

And Ill be there

Living your life through me
But your pain
Does not hurt the same
In my head, my bones, my lungs

Im selfish
But Ill be there

And as you count your last minutes
I look at my watch
Longing to go
Play another show

Abandoning  you there
Trying to quit for a while
I surrender

Am so selfish, yes

And whilst anywhere
Ill be there

Counting the hours
For you to leave this world

You forgot it all
I have not.

Im so selfish
Im still there.

__________________________________________________The Tenth Daughter of Memory

Traveller. by *angelreich


Tuesday, July 19



Nothing in that sack
You fool.

Thinking it is full.

You  are naked

As when born,
As when gone.

Where you go

What you do

That's all:


Just step on


Materia: EarthCanvas Print by Patricia Ariel

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Sunday, July 17

flow tears flow

Certain pieces of music
Always bring tears to her eyes

Even and

When some intense happiness
Is all around... 

Not because
The reminder is anyone
Or anything in particular
In fact, apparently
No reminder at all

That would come later on

It’s because that music
Moves her soul

And when that happens
She cannot help it
But cry
A huge world
Of inner agitation
Arises, and as she cries
She cries on... 

And thoughts about
All the reasons
Why she’s cried
In all her life so long
Begin to flow.

The best EXAMPLE, ever.

Poem>  First written and posted  on Nov 1st 2009, then  titled " When She Cries"

Image* dancer * by franzi

Saturday, July 16

Another today

Today this I might

Feel like that queen
Most desired.

Apparent and unseen

I might right now
Feel gold crowned
Lustrous nails
Most desired.

By even those…

Reverent minds
The most inclined
And also the least sharp.

So I’d be
Encircling it all
Joined to harmony
For life.


Friday, July 15


what once was
once again will be
and those who were will be again
and the things we do

and are around us
 are the same they used to be

and will be again
kissing, observing, caressing

with the same mouths, the same hands
all we have to do is look to understand
walking the same path

 millions of years ago
and from now on.


Thursday, July 14


Beyond belief?

There he was

Through the glass I saw
He looked at me

But did he see?

I blushed and to smile
 I tried

Adrenalin motionless

And I felt oblivious to his eyes
As to the other  guys’

How come
I did not give a damn?

Focused on my nails...
Needing  filing.

And perhaps
Polishing as well…

Young Woman Walking Throu, The Guandian

Sunday, July 10


And as the ivy grows
So do my words
And so they tangle
And ramble
As I find myself sitting
By his side
Not far away but
Looking at the way
Having so little to say
Except for
I keep missing you

Saturday, July 9


Only when you go to sleep
Will this need to eat and drink cease...
And as you dream
You’ll want it all
You’ll want much more.
Your mouth,
A door to hell and paradise.
And you realize
Your vigilance
Your sobriety
Your self-control is now
Ruined and extinct.
Grievous disgust and guilt.
And you call pig the one in the mirror
Craving to get rid of an anxiety
Which you forgot how long ago...
An anxiety
Which no love or sport
      will ever call off...


Spinderella Soap: Frogs Legs For Dinner Mounted Print by Minaz Jantz

Sunday, July 3


Why cry?

Tears left home long ago

Why cry?

I need to close myself up

Unaware that’s where I am

Need to go away, escape

Unaware I am already there

Yet this feeling

This numbness follows me

Far and wide

Why cry?

Can’t walk and if I do

My heart weighs so

Bearing this melancholic strain

Isolation and alienation, my friends

Why cry?

No matter how much the bells toll

Or just because

Reminding me my life will also

Soon be concluded.


Woman on The Wall by Linda Gregory