Monday, May 13

On disappearance and selfishness

She  went after her dog

Nearly dusk

“Luna! Come to mum!”

Hours gone

Despair grown

Nowhere to be found

Never seen again

The dog up at dawn


Some  accuses the bullying guy

Others : ‘she just run away.’

I say

What the hell

She’s ruined my day...

Image credit: In A Dark Wood by Scott Hunt

Sunday, June 25

on she and his ( re edited)

Coming out of the woods


First time

He feels proud, male


Not what she had expected

She ...

Not what she had so thoroughly

Dreamt about

What a foul.

And he...

He feels proud and even sexy.

No words in the way back

His head up

Hers down.

Searching for answers


In the first place

She ...

For so long

Had behaved

As if on sale.

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Saturday, March 11

it seems (re edited)

It so seems to me
That you spy me
From the corners of time
Which they say no longer is
For such thing
Does not exist
But I remember…

It so seems to me
That you are near
Because I dream you
In the deep far ends
Where my memory gets
And you peer into my mind
Since those days when
My skinny body was
Made of young cells
And bewilderment…

 And it so seems
Because I sense you
Like a dry tear
To the departed dead.

 Surreal by

Tuesday, February 21


An inmate of
This being of
This ripping of
A lonely soul
Out of
Exhaling to toss
Inhaling, hard chore
I don’t listen
I am off
I drag
I cough.

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IMAGE:  Exhale by

Thursday, February 9

the bane of my life

cheer up
hurt bones

look up
sad eyes

come together

go deep
into that ocean
of a soul
so long

half smile

that heart
 my lips

Sunday, December 6


time does not erase
or takes away
or gets rid of

time is only 
a reminder 
of time itself
of this inability

to forget


IMAGE > blue by GooFE

Saturday, December 28


No need for  words
Or   thoughts
the birds
All you know
I need
You know
All you need
I  know
All we  know
I need
I know
Our touch...
Going Green by 

Friday, March 29

We shared a yester day



I’ll put parsley on top

I’ll celebrate you are keen on me

And wonder why the rest don’t

It’s ‘cause I escape

Become invisible

Hate being noticed

For the one I am

Is all that you see

And the so much more

Vanishes with the cinnamon

Again basil will be the taste

And I’ll celebrate

With sushi and rice

That you said

Why is it

The rest don’t.



Gaia  by


Monday, December 31

2013, or...




Another year’s gone

Will all

your wishes come true?

Are you going to

 resolve any of the twelve?

They should be thirteen


It does not seem as if it were

to start

all over again

Feels more like

 a continuity of what

began centuries ago


That is lasting


 too long.



IMAGE: Making a fresh start by


Tuesday, December 11

Another Mercury Day


Tomorrow is

Another Wednesday

In the middle

As any other


And some might bother and

be mad at it

Tomorrow is

the third day of any week

and the 1200th of our gay game

Flippant, playful


Tomorrow I

will have forgotten you

And you’ll be reminding me

there was a day

when we were

active and bouncy

And it happened on

A Wednesday…

I’d say

so volatile and


as any other damned Wed.


Will be

Just another

 today...- and that's

Good enough.



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Hoping it'll be a good day to everyone]
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