Monday, May 30

One So Many

I am
the so many ones

I am even a man

The one who sinks in vain
Thinks through pain
And plays with words
To make it worse

I am
the one who fights
Against what is not right
The one who turns to ignore
And the one who needs to know

I am 
the one who states and believed
You’d be here tomorrow
When you’ve gone


Inside it rains

I am 
my little girl
I am
the woman 


Chin up


The one who thought and sought
And lost it all
So many more


I am 
my own contradiction
And yours

My lack of decision
In a world of science fiction

I moan and complain
Insist  and resist
Afraid to exist.

And there goes my train.

Image > You by Zemotion

Wednesday, May 25

Grey Day

If only
The night would come
To shade this grey day
Close my eyes at once
And swim in the dark holes
Of oblivion.


Image: The Witch without a Name by Dark Splashes.

Tuesday, May 17


Left my place
For those longed few days
To stay away
Find it all in the self
And rest

With no aims
An attempt, yes.
To leave behind
Jack and Mike,
Look inside
And get back that smile of mine…

So I found what looked so much as paradise
Me and my thoughts
A bed and no pets
Temporary retirement...

Avoiding eyes
You find mine
Both sides got high- too high
And we had it
Another while is eternity
Another while is just
What it is
What should have never been
Another inconceivable affair.


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Tuesday, May 10


I cannot take this lightly.
That menacing storm
On the horizon
Quoting my wisdom

Mist caressing the mountains
   Blessing my existence

And presumption
Trust and devotion
Return with that love

Bitter becomes sweeter

More and more
Rather than less and less

Consoling the soul.

I thrive on your words
Of delight
And in your kiss
   Your rest
   Your whisper

The former mess
   so neat.

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Image: I’ll Catch You if You Fall,  by Ina Mar

Monday, May 9

...but you had a goal, didn't you?

Rotten tomatoes

    Thrown on your face.

You close your eyes

    And keep on the speech...

There was a time when

They were white roses

    though with no smell

When even you believed

    In your speech

‘Cause you had an aim, remember?

 Too soon we forget

Too soon you knew

    this world you could not save

If only a little change...

Thus, now you see

    It’s too late.

For it had nothing to do with it

But with them

    standing behind your shade.

And money bought you

    As it bought them...

Rotten tomatoes

On your face say:

     History recalls

    What they could never learn.


Image from La Flaca magazine. Cartoon about the Spanish chieftainship and the electoral fraud.

Sunday, May 8

on motherhood

You shine little thing

Now so big

And I never cease to observe you

While you sleep

I shine as I see

The brightness life brings

As I kiss your sweet dream.



Saturday, May 7

my you

Is there another
To fill that void

     left by you
One other,
So kind, so gentle
    As you
A man ever thinking
    but of me

So few
    as loving...
As sweet a thee
Might there be
Who is free
To love me
Like you do
My beloved
    My man

My harmony
    My you.


Kiss Canvas Print by Alicia Liliana

Tuesday, May 3

living room

Rain drops tapping on my window

As I look at your immutable

    framed smile


Cannot meet mine...

And I fix my eyes

On the ceiling

Mislaid in then and now

Hey you,

   spider web…

Time to sigh,

   and smirk.


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Image: Here in my room by ~indospan