Tuesday, January 31


The answers pend in the sky
As floating stars
As ageless as aside
When the sleep-filled thoughts
Remain in your hands
Out of my control
Learnt  the way to adore
Treasure  and never scorn
Not afraid to talk
Touch and close
Our eyes
Meet in the moon


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Just before Dawn by Artmitten

Monday, January 30

old is cold

Going north

No highways

Where snow

Is colder

And mountains

Too hard  to climb

Getting lost and

Tripping over frost

A great chance

Leaving behind

What was warm

Also called home

Cannot stop

I am going north.

First Chill of Winter by

Wednesday, January 25

sex instead

Let’s have sex

Or let’s not

We can play scrabble instead

What is it with all these

ecstasy, orgasm

... Penys?

So let’s have sex

Or let’s not

We can go for a walk

Hand in hand

Through the not so tall grass

In search of that place

Where the sun sets

Once there

You’ll try

And I’ll refuse to have a bug

Crawling inside my… thing

No way

Let’s do it at home

We can prepare the bath

with all those candles and bubbles around

What a lie

This is the most uncomfortable…

Let’s not

I’ll prepare dinner instead

And while I do

What! Wait!

Oh ...  yes!

Tendresse by

Tuesday, January 24

On Perception

It’s grey

Everyone can notice that

But you insist it’s white

I clearly spot it’s black

As simple as that

But you refuse to change your mind

I climb and crawl

And shout

You tease and bother

And vow

And we compare and confabulate

Then we argue

Then we fight

No more balls

Or somehows

You keep firm

I keep fixed

There comes the battle

And then the war

And years go by

And then there comes the day

When a wise one turns up

To say

Neither was it


Black and White by

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Sunday, January 22

What is it ?

What was it

About you and me

That suddenly wanted to vanish

But could not?

What did it have to do

With time

Or distance

Since we  both always knew


Did not exist?

What is it

Among us humans

Trying to stop


Since we both always knew

Those are but

Different, contradictory

Ways of looking at

The same reality?


Dream In Motion by

Tuesday, January 17

The Agreement

‘Just one cut or sliced?’

‘This is not joy or pleasure

It’s justice, revenge…

One cut will be fine.’

‘Not sure this is right.’

‘Did he ever tell us about rights?

You were seven, I was five.’

‘Do you think he’ll die?’

‘No, we’ll call them in time’

‘We’ll go to jail…’

‘Yes, and that’ll be heaven!



To all the victims of sexual abuse and violence.

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Image: Sisters & Secrets by

Friday, January 13

Duelling Inside

Sort of long
Long time ago
A fact so cruel
As a matter of fact
So fool

A sort of
Let’s duel…

Life gave birth
To this sort of ruin

Where two became one
And could never
Be joined again

Not fun.


On The Inside (work in progress) by

Tuesday, January 10


standing before an orange sun
blazing and fleeing clouds
exhaling breath in vapour water
second in
second out
frozen nose
eyes not frowned
deeper in
softly out
a launching bird
distracts my misconception
of place and time.


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Fading into oblivion by

Sunday, January 1

12 ideas or so

Life has brought me to this climax
My dreams talk to me
and I listen
My attitude warns me
so I move back
So many new years
 full of unfulfilled resolutions
And again it’s now
The time to start it all over again
With a difference
The soup I’ll take and enjoy
And my bright consciousness
Lighting the path
A new old existence
Full of seeds to be watered
To be cherished and let grow.

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