Saturday, April 30

in no motion

Maybe it is 
you can’t
Or maybe it's 
you don’t want to

 Sure I am
I don’t

But while I am
You may observe


Thursday, April 28


Let me caress you so

Let me check
That you are real, so

From you to you

So I love you
I love you so

Variable  and consecutive
You, hush-hush
 You from you

Slow  touch in
    sweet tune

So I love you,
     in small limits

Here and there
 Lily fragments, and rose,

So I love you,
    the whole of  you:
Essence  of my dream,
    and truth.

Thinking Of You....Canvas Print by MinoYasue

Inspired by and from Spanish poet Gerardo Diego's Sucesiva 

Tuesday, April 26

Hell Miracles

Goya already painted lots of the sort...

But my visions lack his black
Surroundings and backgrounds

Are these visions or ascensions?
Collisions in delusions
Where these tiny miracles appear to stand
Appealing , appalling

Waiting at the end
Of the never ending tunnel

His black is my grey, my white
Silver,  some time
    stained with reddish sparks

And while strolling through
   a hundred hands rise
Begging me to share
     these tiny miracles that glare

And the angels up there
Snoring in dreams
Ignoring me and my glimpse

Sight of those still afar tiny miracles
That push me
pull me,
Pull me and
push me
…Inciting me
        to exist. 

Posted for One Shot Wednesday

  Distant EdenCanvas Print by Cliff Vestergaard


Sunday, April 24

And I smile…

Nice it is

 Nice  it is
So nice
it is
I say,
I’ve  put on a few  extra kilos
Nice it is
So nice
you say,
so  sweetly,
 Honey, that’s just
More to be loved.

And I smile…

like a silly child.


Friday, April 22



Fouette, tournant , jete…

In balance spinning
Swinging dreaming

Obeying the laws of physics

Much more

Static compensation
The spirit moves
The one looses
In harmonies of perfection

Sympathy with the Universe

Pour rain
As you like
You are welcome to the sight

Happiness of redemption

Body language
In eternal serene conversations

With the self.


Posted for  G-Man, a 55
 Image > ‘Poise in Silhouette’ Canvas Print by Richard Young

Thursday, April 21


While you gape
You try to heed
And as they are not shining on you today
You moan
And so you say,
It’s the moon to blame
Hiding behind grey clouds
Which no wind can dissipate
So as to heal this howling
    soul of the night…
Again, you condemn, disapprove, blame,
It’s the sun’s fault
For not beaming enough
So as to spread away clouds
Which by now
 Should have faded away
And with it my grieving...

Again as you heed and gape
You realize you are to blame
For moaning with no right
Feeling pain and shame
Where there is no real whine

So you say,
You fool Ms Malcontent
Of course-
     they won’t shine on me
___________________________________________________________Written for Imperfect Prose

(Theoretical) DespairCanvas Print by gnolan

Tuesday, April 19


Why this  a g o n y

Immutable companion
    forever ghost

Why this agony on

Waking up in the desert
Of phantoms
In all kinds
Of disguise

Vain charade…..

Why agony why

And the so many other puzzles
About to be written,
The write
Left behind

Monday, April 18



by Graham Nash

When your love has moved away
You must face yourself and you must say
I remember better days
Don't you cry `cause she is gone
She is only moving on
Chasing mirrors through a haze

Now that you know it's nowhere
What's to stop you coming home
All you got to do is go there
Then you'll really realize what's going down
You went to a strange land searching for a truth
you felt was wrong
That's when the heartaches started
Though you're where you want to be
You're not where you belong

When your love has moved away
You must face yourself and you must say
I remember better days
Don't you cry `cause she is gone
She is only moving on
Chasing mirrors through a haze...

BETTER DAYS, Graham Nash

Tuesday, April 12





Pay me one of those

Visits of yours


Thanks so much for the rose


...And our silhouettes

Reflected on the polished

Marble floor


So quickly now


Covered with our clothes


So quickly now


Taken off

As we make this our love

So close




Forgot again to shut

That door...


Posted for OSW


Monday, April 11


The only position
   and posture

So it seems 

These days

To hold my knees and embrace

The only way to escape

Looking inside
    so as to find

Pray for
   That longed 

Waiting for storm by Vanessa Ho

Thursday, April 7


   faster than sound

Just another

Looking  at that half shaped moon

Wondering again
What if 
    all I am is
    all there is
    All I am allowed to see
    All I get to discern
       is and
that's what is
   despite it
Or me
Just another
   Fool by the moon.

Image, again, by amazing artist Vanessa Ho> Untitled

Tuesday, April 5


Ever since
The low tide
Came up too high
And my hope was lost in theirs
Though loads survived
   from that well.
Ever since
 I was told
   there was no way back to hold
   the hope of giving birth again

Ever since
 watching a toy
bringing memories of mess and joy 
   I could not avoid.

Ever since
 You told me your last love words
And I was left at awe...

Yet, I feel
I feel yet I feel
Nothing much prevents me
   getting odd.

  Image 'Untitled' by Vanessa Ho


Posted for OSW

Sunday, April 3


I saw this my poem
 Reflected on a hundred glass walls

On a last fast train
From the last carriage
How it turned as it ran
   from the first…

And the sound it made
Ah- that sound!

I saw this my poem
As I saw myself
In the middle of crowds
   and glass walls,
Mirrors reflecting these my words
A poem  starting to grow

Noticed how many of my fears
   had vanished
Into the troposphere

On and above the clouds

It was the amazing parade of the shapes they made,
and the unavoidable tear sliding down my cheek
at the breathtaking site and sight
   of the sun setting behind
   my beloved millenary mountains

Amen, surely, was it all,
as it may,
   this my poem…

 Image >>  ‘African QueenCanvas Print by Susan van Zyl