Friday, April 30

To Dream Or Not To Dream...(55)

‘Good morning

Come -True -Dreams Enquiries

Can I help you?’

Oh, sorry

I think I got the wrong number...

But wait,

You said I am calling... where?’

Come- True- Dreams’

‘Well... That sounds interesting...

And free of charge, I guess!’

No, sir

Fifty five bucks just for phoning...

...Now tell me,

What's your dream?’

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Wednesday, April 28


Time has stopped
Is this supposed to be the end?
That's it again..
ANY way is a good way to hide
As any other

Is this supposed to be the end?
Is this your way to say good bye?
Plain choice


Time has stopped...


This is not the end...

There never was an end,

There never is an end,

There can never be an end.

Some things are just


Like a smile,

A touch,

An embrace,

A kiss,

This sweetness

Conveyed in a pure and loving thought.

The light in your eyes says "yes"...

Just remove the first "e".

You see?

How long
Have you been longing
For a good reason to say
'It's over
Let's quit'
Any reason
Whatever reason
Would be...

A good reason to you?
Again damn it,

How disappointing
Your lack of trust
On this sweet heart
Do not worry
I understand
This you no more
Could stand!

I am at peace
If that pleases you
I'll be not
If it does not

At all.

The end?

What are you talking about?


This is the beginning

The beginning

Of a love which until now

For me was unknown.

When you cry

I try to hold back my tears,

Because you see,

Being one with you,

I do what you do.

You would like

A table in that restaurant

Overlooking the sea.

All fine there,

But you know?

The sea

I could not see,

Because my eyes

Are looking at nothing else

No one else

But you,

My dear

My sweet.

Oh- you are


So beautiful…


Tuesday, April 27


Is there anyone out there?

"Hueyatlan tetecuica auh

tlatoa totonametl in manic"

Which means something like

the sea that speaks with the voice

Of that who remains…

And who are its inhabitants?

It’s them , look!

Moon taboo

You Queen

Some steal lumps of its light

And then

The golden ones

Serve themselves from the

To them

Cold sun...

And they are standing


Not moving

Maybe dancing?

In a world apart

If they are elves

What are they?

They must live in

Anonymous desire

If they are angels

What are they?

They must sing

Only because

From heaven they fell down

Or from the sky...

Melancholy nights

Of queens



Who are at your right

Or your left

It all depends

Where they stole their light…


Partly adapted from the song Duende by Spanish singer Miguel Bosé