Monday, May 31


Every day you are in my head,

today you’ll be all day

You’ve been talking to me all morning.

And I’ve been listening.

You’ve told me no more no less

what I need to hear

and also things I did not expect,

they were in my head,

you talked them out.

I asked you from now on

what will I call this day?

Happy birthday or birthday anniversary?

Same day as Whitman,

and they say, anniversary.

I’ve been meandering all day,

but you’ve been meandering with me-

I like your company, I miss your presence,

yet you are so present

as any day you’d come by.

And you tell me to look at myself in the mirror

and see behind- much deeper,

beyond my tears,

and find you in myself,

and you tell me to stop being ungrateful

and enjoy all I have which is a lot

and you ask me to stop complaining

for what is not,

and try to accept that this is life,

that it has never been easy and it will not.

And you tell me to grasp the moment,

love myself my body and mind

my imperfect body and mind,

and go deeper into my soul

and revise the lessons

life has taught me all these years,

and that there is no way back but a present,

a now as this lucky moment

that I still can see dad.

And at him smile,

and how lucky we are to feel and see

and hug and hold him,

and flesh and soul…

what difference does it make?

And you tell me to come to me again

and sleep my dream

And dance where I stand,

for there is nothing else

and we can not fight against the storm

but look for shelter and warmth

I tell you hey thank you

and you say it’s alright if I cry

for you understand I’ll never understand

until I approach closer to where you are.

___________________________________________________Image Aproaching Woman On canvas- by Phlog That.

Saturday, May 29



With my words unspoken

I visit the valley of darkness

Trying to forget the hassle

And continuous disappointment

Which surely

Happens for having


Greater expectations…

My sweetness spinning a top

To nowhere I know.

This is not triviality any more.

Awaiting the prize I worked for.


If I did some

More penance

Maybe if I punished myself

A bit further…

Disgust of life

And its surroundings…

Must move away from here



Get into a deeper submissiveness…

This sounds like moaning

But it is not.


Deviantart Image

Friday, May 28


How much have we grown?

What is it we knew yesterday

That now we don’t know ?

Where was it gone

When it left

And we knew

It was forever

But denied to accept?

Why did we insist

On having

Which was not created,

Expected to be ours?

I am dying

I am crying

I am dining

You are

Wherever you are



It does affect Me

Why- or maybe you are just asleep

Please leave me alone

Only gives me

More of that crying






At those jokes I find funny

No more…

Miming or lying.

My real feelings

Keep on hiding.


Painting, Danae by G. Klimt

Wednesday, May 26


Time of period

And periods of time


To such an extent

This body and mind

Tears out of control

And thoughts of the gone ones

And tears of joy

And mood out of its orbit

Mixing in this

Body and mind

Knowing they’ll leave

And come again

These periods of time

This time of period

eventually always

also moving

my soul...


Tuesday, May 25

Hugging Music

Any day
But especially
You are
To be hugged

In my sweet
Your sweeter charms
Almost here

Were born
Wrong Place
Wrong time
You and I

How I’d have liked
To look into those eyes
Hear your music
Smile at your smile
Your fun
Your pain

I listen to your song
The sound of music
That tune in my head
Catchy has become.

You happen to be
Music to my ears

No matter how
No matter why
No mater when

You are my kind of music
The one I need to hear, my dear.

You are
To be hugged
In my mind and soul
Having those couple coffees
You and I
Watching the same sun
Coming up
Or going down
So near
Almost Here!

To that Sweetest Peep… Happy Birthday, Steve!

Sunday, May 23

الكراهية والخوف

How bad,

how bad

To break my peace

With several things

At a time

Revolving around.

How awful,

so awful

To have these feelings

Which nothing

Have to do

With the quietness

I long for

How miserable,

so miserable

To want the evil

for that البغيض enemy

Knowing that that evil

Will only kill me

How sad,

more than sad

Not to have a someone

to cry for or on

How ridiculous

Having the sea

at ten miles distance from home

And instead stay here

Writing about

How awful

How bad

How ridiculous

How sad...


Wednesday, May 19

Keen Breeze

Today I could hear
Weeping willow leaves
Swayed by a familiar,
.....Gentle breeze
.....Getting as far as my naked skin.

Despair is gone
With the last rains of spring

My world seems to have brighten
Like in the old times
When this season anticipated
.....For the senses
.....Some type of paradise.

Up on my hillside
Safely, no need to hide

The sky above, alas
Those sun spells
.....And my smile
.....And this poetry of life
.....With this so sweet
....Keen breeze

Caressing my still smooth skin
.....My face
Like in those old days
When I ran to my secret place
Without premeditation
Instead, a kind of temptation
Primitive instinct
.....Not to flee
.....But meet,

.....Be in my temple
Where I so easily found
Whom I then called God
And God welcomed me

And I felt the breeze
.....So gentle
.....So sweet
Caressing my naked skin
And my smile in tune swaying
With the weeping willow leaves.

Tuesday, May 18

One What?

If I need you to be complete

If you are there for me to succeed

And we are one whole

And without each other

Scarce we are

If I cannot move two steps ahead

Without your feed back

If all I do is wait

For you

So together we go ahead...

If I cannot close my eyes

And not see you

If without your kiss

I cannot feel my lips

And viceversa


Without you

Am just half



You be one

Until I find you


I’ll have achieved that moment

When I realize

I’ll never be anyone

Until I am

the one.