Wednesday, July 21

Dream Me

She had a dream

And in her dream

She saw the rain

Did not get her wet

In her dream conscious she was

Nothing could ever change that past

She dreamt that after a year

He was back

And they came across

Just by chance

She didn’t know what to say

He had nothing much to say

And he started dreaming her

Thank to the universal powers

The angels and Narcissus

Orpheus and Morpheus…

He did

Against his will

She had a dream

That this time he realized

And swallowed his pride

And came and asked her

To forgive and forget

Against her will

She would pretend

She did not care

… maybe one day.

She kept dreaming

And when they eventually met

Everything previously dreamt

According to plan

True came

Love flowed so blissfully

From both sides

Such passion

Could almost stop their hearts

But she had the feeling

That dreaming was free

Like this sweet breeze

Not getting wet with the rain

Could see no future there

She is difficult to satisfy.

While she dreams she can fly.



S. Susan Deborah said...

So many different layers of reality and time. This was offering so many voices. Hazy vision here, and so beautifully crafted. Had to read and reread it to get the voices and dreams.


Joy always,

A Daft Scots Lass said...

strong and true.


Brian Miller said...

wonderful fairy tale...with a little bittersweet as well...

JStar said...

I can relate to this...Its almost as if you were reading my mind, again :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dulce,

You've made a great story, full of feeling and emotion, as always. A perfect description of what can be a dream.

In other matters, please, let me to dedicate this fragment to you, my dear Teacher:

"Poetry is a profession of blind. A good writer doesn't write what he sees, he only writes what he feels"

Dressing to kill!!


Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

very heartfelt sentiments!

Caroline said...

Beautiful words as usual...I can feel her struggle.

Jo Potter said...

Wonderful poetry and really powerful words. I feel we have all had dreams about flying and feeling free from everyday life!
This type of dream is pure enlightenment and totally blissful.
Thank you Dulce, for sharing this beautiful poem.:-)

25champ said...

me likes :)

Anonymous said...

great write..

Anonymous said...

the power of dreams is real... your poem is like a lovely dream as well.

Maha said...

It was so intense and I had to read it twice to fully grasp it. It was so beautifully intriguing.

Desert Rose said...

i agree with it once then came back for it..amazing how you capture that feeling..i relate to that one,sweet!

Man Named Kim said...

such are the ebbs and flows of our passion and... people.

thank you for letting me dream with you here!

Maude Lynn said...

Beautiful ending!

Tabitha Bird said...

I love the last couple of lines, "She is difficult to satisfy while she dreams she can fly." OH! LOVE IT.

Andrew said...

We do fly in our dreams. Love this one.

Amanda said...

Awesome poem and blog you have here. I will visit again. Thanks for shining!!

Mory said...

"She had a dream
And in her dream
She saw the rain
Did not get her wet"

very odd and captivating. these lines motivated me to red the whole poem. nicely written. great imagery

steveroni said...

In my dream I can be in heaven--or hell. Either way, I cannot sleep.

"Not getting wet with the rain"??? Someone must have "dreamed " a rubber coat and named it a raincoat. Which actually is a "dry coat".

Enough chatter from me, Dulce. What I really wish to tell you is how HAPPY i am with the work you did on/for MY BLOG

How may I thank you? Seriously, you have this talent above the inspiring poetry to which we all know so well. It is how to organize and design web pages. Who wold have known????

Peeps can say or write or think, "I love you", until the end of time. But real love is to do for another what they cannot do for themselves. You are A-1 to me.

Thank you.
Te Quiero (I hope that is a correct word!)

Anonymous said...

Dream one can freely... Ad dreams are the only thing I guess we can call only ours... great work...

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

check to see if you would like to take one or two awards from there and share with poets who appreciate your work…
Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Such a hopeful poem - it made me smile.
Spirit of hope never dies as long as we keep dreaming.
I really enjoyed the message I got from your poem.

Olivia said...

Such a beautiful and a dreamy one.. Loved your Blog Template..

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