Monday, January 31


Temperance Canvas Print by Foxfires

Each day is worse
Than the one before.

One hour, just another
In a series of unbearable sixty-minute parts.

When eternity is what is facing,
 How can there be any patience?

And I promise I won’t do it again
Sometimes I really believe it
     And it feels so good!

Could this be that taste
Of hell, which
We came here to face?

Must get rid of this longing
This waiting...
Since forever is forever
Never is never, and
     too sweet.

Saturday, January 29

The Squabbling

As the sun sets
Behind the rainy clouds
I hear the charm

Embellishing singing
Of a happy blackbird

Brewers Blackbird ~ Courting Canvas Print by Beve Brown-Clark

I hear the chirp
I stand to listen

Can’t see them but
I hear the fluttering
The squabbling
And then the wrangling

Male against male
For a cherished hen.

Thursday, January 27


LARVA Oil On Canvas

I go unnoticed
Among indefinite crowds
Avoiding the encounter
Of four sad eyes.

For you and your idea
Won’t listen

I go unseen
Crying out in the
     dumb dream

And I go talking
The unspeakable
To the fools
The unknown

Conversations interrupted
By void,
     unrelated dialogues.

Tuesday, January 25


I won’t  be different
I won’t be the same

I won’t shiver I won’t doubt

I’ll run down the narrow streets
     Stepped and steeped

No one will be awaiting an explanation
      The timing will be perfect

And I’ll reach the shore
      Where so hard the wind blows
     I won’t feel the rain or the coldness
But the essence

For I won’t shiver I won't  doubt
I will 
I won't...

I’ll be unapproachable
     Away from imprisonments

And I won’t see my blindness
    I’ll be unshakable

And I’ll swim

All my past
In short shots.

___________________________________________Posted for One Shot Wednesday

Sunday, January 23

Why Did I ?


This is not the one 


 I come across this…
This place where
Trying to conjure up
Pay penance for all
All those sins
Wishing to have other wishes
But the messages I get
Accuse me
Support their stones
I hide
Look for different surroundings
Only to find more
More anguish
It never disappeared
Guilt is my ally
And we
Guilt and I
Came to this place
To learn to live together
Yes, together
Gifted ?
Tittered in delight?
I am due here
To commemorate myself
Not to explain.

Saturday, January 22


Storm Ripple Calm Canvas Print by Paulina Kazarinov

That’s what you are...

You feel before you ever get to understand
And it takes so long to get to understand
If ever

That’s what you are
No one and everyone

That’s what you  are
What the others like about you
And especially what they dislike

That’s what you are
So work more on being 
What you already are.

Thursday, January 20

Night Rooster

Too bright the night
For my neighbor rooster
Kept crowing
On the hour

All night long

Sister Moon
He had confused
With brother Sun

Waking me up

Making me smile…

Tuesday, January 18

She's A Lady

O...Tu Suavissima Virga,  by Rosa Cobos

As every morning
She does
Mrs Pale
Look after her orchids

From the windows of her greenhouse
She can see her beloved valley.
Loving this complete silence.
A peace only broken by
That sudden sound of the old piano,
     for years not played
     it sounds to her
Like everything...
    But music

She does
Mrs Pale
Loathe everything
Concerning this man, 

Has become

Too long

 A complete stranger.
She does
Mrs Pale
Wish she could tell him,
In a mild form,
And convince him-
No matter how much you persist
In calling this ’Love’
...To me
It all has evolved into
Mere ashes.

________________________________________________Written for One Shot Wednesday

Sunday, January 16


Don't Tell Me I'm A Dreamer by myoriginalsin

It’s just a matter of choice,
How awesome the sight of you,
Any vivid feeling of you.
I turn and there you are.
If I don’t
You are there too, but,

This is blindness, madness,
Lack of common sense.
Just undergoing your intrinsic aim
makes this my world trustworthy…

It is anyone or anything
Any drop of rain.
The far away stars.
The smell of the wind.
The flavour of my chocolate biscuits

It’s the time I’ve lived,
All the years I’ve suffered
All I’ve enjoyed.

It’s my Brother’s loss.
A simple smile from an unknown.
All the efforts from the handicapped.

It’s the Sun, the Moon, the Sea…

It’s Mother Nature and
The incomprehensible outer space.
My plants,  as they grow.
My loneliness,  as it easily flows.
Every candle I light.
I turn to wish this luminosity
was my eternal companion.

It’s God,
Everything between
Myself and Death.


Saturday, January 15


Sisters by Mariska
Oh sister...
Been missing you so much 
I need to tell you
Back from cold, sweet Dublin...
(Thanks for the souveniers)
Just a week,
 And all this I’ve been through
     so deep
Ever since.

He used to say, ‘Hey,
The word you are looking for is
And I believed him,
And I thought-at long last
Someone had found that charm in me...

Oh sister,
You know all that much about me
After all we’ve gone through too, together.
I fell in, as you know
And again, as you already knew
How badly- I needed to fall out.

Tell me,
What have I done to deserve this?
What can I do with all this love within?
So eagerly wishing to be there, put- somewhere,
a Him...
It seems...
All this love, all this crying...

Tears that ever since we grew out of childhood
Had to be swallowed.
And crying inside leads us to that place
Mad, anxious..

The big lie.
And learn and pretend
Everything is all right
But nothing is alright
Everything is actually so much worse than it used to be.
Yes, we know and accept
And we are mothers
We are sisters...
Oh sister!
How long will I have to hold this in
And regret and go on
As if nothing really mattered?

To my One and Only Sister, Saro.

Friday, January 14


Source image:

Back’s the knight
Hiding his sword


 On his face
      that smile...
To his feet...
      I’ve come down.
He insists

Tedious, fatiguing return
          To my mind…
Back’s the knight
         And I resist ...
Saw him kissing me 
Aroused by his whispering...
Why does he persist?
   Should make a list...

Off’s the knight…

Exertion and time:

_______________________________________ 55 Flash Fiction Friday

Thursday, January 13


Female Nude at Rest by Roz McQuillan
This is the colour you needed
To feel the season complete
It has talked to me again
While I scribble…

If you think you know
And have realized,
That I know
Have already realized,
That you think 
You think
You know me
While I scribble...

You stole my perfume
And I reread your scribbles
To find a reason for this:

Could have another name, but
We call it

Trying to get a hint
Is it a gift?

Something is positively
 Going on
While I scribble...

In my mind 
About this..

Our infatuation.

Tuesday, January 11

Flowing down

Separation by Andromena Mirtle

With this yellow rose petal
I caress my closed eyes
A smile
While a water drop
Gently flows 
My window...

___________________________________________________________posted for One Shot Wednesday

Monday, January 10

Trying Hard

Soul in Cage by Manolya F.


I’ve been loving you
All day...

Because of all the hatred
Which causes in me
Whatever is
For a broken soul.
Once more
Inside the whirlwind

Trying to find the good reasons
To love you
Or not.


Sunday, January 9


Oscar Wilde once wrote that loving oneself is the beginning of an eternal love story...

After Laundry by Falbanka

In the long hours
Of my isolation
 Back to reading
Pick up Neruda’s
A way that used to be

So short does it take
The loving
So long
The forgetting

So as not to fall
Or feel apart
First might
 nothing have ever joined us

You and I

And in that kiss
You got to know
All I had never told you

And now that I’ve reached this near
My self
Where I can’t figure
Might these be
The sweetest
Or perhaps the most bitter
Of my longer hours.

Thursday, January 6


Michael Critchley

Pen in hand...

What will it be about
This time?

...Collecting moments of guilt
Giving myself the chance
To forgive that past
Which has made my body
So fragile

What the hell...

Looking at these beautiful hands
Of mine
I go...

To hell with shells

And I get off my scarf
For it’s hot
Too hot

A heat that burns in my cheeks
Must be that hell in me…

And I see her in the mirror
And instead of a bow
Or a WOW
I cry out loud

What the hell!

And I get into this warm bath
Lit candles and all that

And breathe
My sweet company
All that 

Empty crowd.