Wednesday, September 30


I have an appointment

To see myself

Have a date

To meet myself

Need to dress up

And also make up

Going to surprise myself

Cannot disappoint this girl

From her I expect the best

This date is my quest

Best dinner and wine

Candles shining bright

I’ll have a good time

Last look in the mirror

To give myself

A faint lol smile…

© Dulce

Source image: GETTYIMAGES

Tuesday, September 29


It’s all in the air.
But so tangible.
Such a long distance.
But so near.

This love spreads out
Like soap bubbles,
They join and split,
But remain.

And it crosses
The Ocean,
Comes and goes back,
With every little thought
Of each other
To one another.

It’s all in the air.
But so tangible.
When I breathe in,
It gets into my soul
As the most unique,
So transparent,
So pure,
So honest.

Yes, love’s in the air
And in the wind.
As it blows,
It grows.

© Dulce

Monday, September 28


Long ago

Who left you there

Did forever

Nobody takes notice

I’ve always, though

So ruined

So magnificent

Isolated, and all the rest…


Walls covered in creepers

Path full of weeds

Your faithful companion

The tall palm tree

Falling ceiling

No door or windows

I can hardly manage to

Look inside

When the elves hide

From my sight

Somehow I feel

This is not a safe place

I could find a corpse

Or something worse

You call me

I always stare

And see you

Year after year

As decrepit you get

By the rain

The winds

The abandonment

Yet, there you stand

On your walls

My house of eternity

And all the rest…


Look at you from this site

And again I realize

You will always remind

This woman, this child

Of her whole life.


© Dulce

Sunday, September 27


The old man

Walking his old dog

Trudging, no rush

Step by step

With a bit of help

From his old stick

Passes by

A group of youngsters

Who stop to see

As unhurried he manages

And at them grins

Only one of them

Actually observes

Realizing that that will

One day be him.

© Dulce

Image : Little Boy VI by Idal Mia Jotta

Saturday, September 26

Home Lumps

Welcome to part of
My penthouse

What i see from my bedroom
A rear window
Dry vegetation
After scorching summer

What I see through the French
window of my sitting room,
A small terrace which I call
My little garden
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What I see
If I look at the opposite direction
Just because today
I've let him
Bring out his stuff...

Some flowers blossom
in my small garden!

And others.
These I thought had died

But blossomed back this summer

This one I bought yesterday
Hoping it grows bigger and bigger

What I see if I look out of the terrace
A tiny bit of the rest of the world.
Behind that town on mountain
is my blue blue sea...

It is my
son and I

Friday, September 25

55 words


I need to hug you tight

And feel as tall as you are

I need to hold you

And gain that strength

Which comes from

So down below

And under…

Huge roots

I hug you

And keep myself alive


We aren’t two but one

Looking up at the sky

Safe now- I can fly.

© Dulce

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Thursday, September 24

Write To Me

Write to me

Press the keys

And tell me

State, utter


Any word you expressed

I’d receive

As the best present


Write to me

Any sentence

Any statement

Any phrase

So I can discern

What in your mind

You ruminate

Write to me

Any noun, any verb

Adjective or adverb

I’ll know

You’ll have drawn up

Regarding me

Write to me

More I cannot plead

Just let me know

What’s up

With thee …


© Dulce

Thank You Dr. John Fortress This WAS written for me..., indeed.
Today, my dear friend, Dr. John, has honoured me with this award and I am delighted!

Wednesday, September 23


These women of mine
Deserve more than a poem
With or without rhyme…

Faithful sisters

Devoted mothers
Worshipped daughters
Closest friends

These women
I can count on
Rely on and
With them go on
Soul to soul
Heart to heart

Hand in hand

We are a team

We represent Peace

We women play

Fair games

Do not make war

But badly love
We have a unique,

Divine bond

We ladies

We are all One

We are a chorus

Singing hymns

Which save this world

Bit after bit
From the misery,

Injustice, hostility


By those so many

Cruel gentlemen.

© Dulce..............................................................................................Image By Deviantart

Tuesday, September 22

You Can And So Can I

You could evoke me
You could provoke me
I am a light
I am a shadow

You could send me
You could disregard my
I am a diamond
I am a demon

You could blame me
You could praise me
I am a sinner
I am winner

You could leave me
All alone
You could be part
Of my home
I am the worst pest
I am the best guest

I invite
You decide
You deny
I survive

© Dulce..............................................................................................Image By Deviantart

Sunday, September 20

Feels Good

It feels good

To be

All alone

And be lonely


It feels good

To be

So tired, so bored

And cold


Weather change

It feels good

To see grey clouds

Coming home

The expected Fall

It feels good too


nothing to do

just couching here

yawning there


under blankets

It feels so good

to smell

the wet soil

not to hear a voice

It feels great

to be awake

be aware

of this bare



© Dulce

Image by Deviantart

Saturday, September 19

Field Grass

Am longing

For that feeling

Where every moment

Is the best and first

Am searching

For that moment

When love

Is given back at request

Am waiting

For that love

While these seconds fly

Like specks seen

Against the sunset light.


© Dulce

Friday, September 18


I was watering my plants
At night
The doorbell rang
At this time?
I opened
To see an old lady,
Filthy clothes
Such white face…
Asking for
Somewhere to sleep
‘Sorry, I don’t know you
But can make you
A cup of tea!
Wait here,
At the door…’
When I came back
She was gone…
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Thursday, September 17

Birth Day

44 -44 -44

Beautiful number

Only each eleven years

Can we celebrate

A birthday

With two

Identical figures

So I like it

I love it.


44 years ago

I arrived

In this world

So full

Of surprise…

I thank Life

For having reached

This far and

This well

For all the things

I’ve achieved

And enjoyed

For all the suffering

And all the laughing

For being




Lucky me:

I have all I want

And want all I have-

Except for the exceptions.


Happy birthday

To me.

Wednesday, September 16

A moment

Oh how I love that sound
Of the rain coming down
Hung clothes getting wet
I should have noticed
By the smell
By the vision
My intuition
My moon
And I see him play
Or I hear him play
So ignorant
Of any pain
Convinced I’ll always
Be there
Every day
To hold Him …
And fright gets back
That I might not stand and
He lose my presence
For I could also depart.
Stopped the rain
Light a cigarette
And let that regard
Fall apart
Pleading it not
To come back
While I kill this self a bit
With each puff…
I’m hungry again.
---------------------------------------------------------------------Image by Deviantart

Tuesday, September 15

New Dew Drops

Roll up

Allow no fright

To get in

Slam the door

Break the chains

Open the gates wide

Let your inner voice

Be your leading light

Change the tune

Delete mails

Throw away papers

Clean your soul

Tidy the room

Of your confused mind

Let new seeds grow,

New flowers blossom

Rely on yourself

Feel confident

To be your own companion

Free your heart

Of such old wounds

Accept yourself

Love yourself

Open all the windows

Let that renewed air

Fill in your space

Make self esteem

Be your closest friend

Face your face

Be yourself

Hold yourself

Wear this new fragrance

Purer, fresher

Let that drop

Go down

From neck to toe-

No rush.

© Dulce