Thursday, December 31

Bye Dear Year

My Year which is ours

Wants to leave

It’s getting old


My year which is yours

Needs to come to its end

For it’s tired

Of pains and complaints

But I loved it

And I’ll miss it

As I miss so many others

What is to come is new

Is near, it is true

And it's dear too.

This is the right time

As any time...

Maybe better than

Any other time

To make a record

Of this long short year

About to vanish into the past

As all the rest of the past years

Time to be grateful

And let my friends here know


(information deleted)

11. Because now I believe I can and so I will.

12. Because if life gives me lemons I make lemonade...


© Dulce

Tuesday, December 29

Gem Stone...

If you invite me a second time
I promise it’ll be... oh! so much better

First times are just an attempt to
Nothing much
When two bodies have never met before
No matter how eagerly
And early
They are two puppies
Sniffing around

Too much expectancy
No redemption
Or ecstasy
Too much
Not yet...
Just false pearls.

Second chance
Is a best grant
Striking bliss and lust
Are all served

Now that I’m familiar
With your smell
Your hair
Your lips
How you kiss
And like to be kissed

Oh!... Now that I know
Where your shyness resides
And you mine
I can start being
And letting go
Letting out
The tigress
The snake I really am

I promise I’ll do better
Though no need to promise
Success is guaranteed
I’ll give it all
And take much more...
All the stones?


© Dulce

Monday, December 28

Free Slave

My cheeks welcome my tears
Of lament
Sorrow invades my soul
This turmoil

Since I was a young girl
Or even
Before my return
Was decided

No forgetfulness
My hair loose
Tears on my cheeks

Wounding arrows
Deformed my shoulders
With the expectations
Of just a slave

My freedom,
My solitude.

So much sighing
Blindly believing
If all my strong desires
Had ever been heard
By that ultra Ego
Or whatever Mr Power
Nothing but these dry flowers

You’ve done me so much wrong
And then
Who is you?
Who’s to blame
For this conflict
Of my essence?

These tears trickling down
My neck
Lead to some
More dryness.

© Dulce

Sunday, December 27

A Poem

Who thought this was easy?
Who thinks you put your pen to draw
And that’s it?

In a senseless rhythm
I write because it’s a must
Recalling facts from real life
And what I never got to have
In a bare try

I write

While I search for the right word
So you can search for the right meaning
All the same
No way, but
For the sake of it
For there should be a reason
Or maybe not

Today is an in-and-out
And in again
Deeper- so intense
It hurts somehow
No place to stand or start
No reason to find
The exact moment

But before I’ve finished
You’ve probably left
When this is taken for granted
Need to have begun
When I lost the sense of rhythm
And rhyme

My words stolen
Where do they lead us, you, me?
My heart

© Dulce

Image: Les Mots de la Douleur by Valse des Ombres

Saturday, December 26

Long Few Days

How I miss my little man
Gone on holiday with daddy
Far away
From these small lands
From my warmth
Our company

Our love, though
So immense
Goes round and round
The globe
On and on
Ad infinitum...

Close doors
Where I stand


© Dulce

Wednesday, December 23

Deep Pending

This scene I can beautify

Still a little bit more

Or say, a lot more

It all depends…

With the voices singing

I hear from the soul

Of the souls

Who left me some

Or long ago.

This mystery I can purify

If I didn’t have to depend

On all the thoughts

Talking in my head

All at a time

Cannot keep away

This simulation I can dignify

By trying once and again

Start all over again?

To hold on myself

My self pity, my revenge

When I disappear for two

Maybe three days

Rescuing the scene

The mystery and simulation

I travel with ghosts

Whose bad intentions

And attempts

To make this one

A new spirit of perfection

And laments fly

In the sky

No redemption

Readers may pass along

With astonishment

Having understood the least

As if this were about

A beast

Needed no beverages

To get to these stages

Of self conscience

And because my soul

Needs to speak though

A smart imperfect mind

Words search any way


To come out

And in positive deciphering

The scene back on stage

Which I could beautify

And the mystery purify

The simulation dignify

But it so much depends

On this deep pending

Never ending



© Dulce

Merry Christmas

How lovely 'tis to take this time
To greet our dearest friends,
To wish them health and happiness
Before the old year ends.

Darkness comes late afternoon
And winter lies ahead,
But friendship is a glowing fire
When all seems cold and dead.

Just as in some vacant barn,
Unnoticed in the night,
The whole of human history turns,
So we, too, make things right.

We must keep alive the flame
Though darkness grip the Earth;
For in the love we find in friends
Is our chance for rebirth.

© Nicholas Gordon

Hoping all my dear friends, bloggers and followers enjoy this Christmas time with lots of love and peace.


Tuesday, December 22

In A Moment...

Looking at the watch
Won’t make time get closer
Nor get back the minutes you need
To finish
And wait until
That happens

Coming out onto the balcony
Won’t make him arrive earlier
The car won’t come up
Before your eyes
But you’ll get a bit
More desperate

Reading a book
Or watching TV
Won’t help either
Because you are waiting
Not concentrating

And nothing
Nothing is going to change
The fact that it is late
Only for you now
Time only has one second
And a million
Of patience

When will you
Learn that?

© Dulce

Monday, December 21

Forest Spirit

Above the forest
Birds fly and chirp
Because that’s
What birds do so well

In their beaks
Something they take
To their hidden nests
Because that’s
What birds do so well

In a morning after
A rainy night
Under the wet trees
Dragons, snakes
And some forgotten
Try to move about
Without bothering
One another

These dragons have
Lazy wings
So they don’t fly
But observe the above birds
Always wishing
If I could I would

So easy to take your eyes
Off the land
And go flying your mind

Snakes do not dream
But crawl
And some manage
To climb
the trees
Where the nests

And that’s the mess
They always make

While dinosaurs are
Just written about
And live longer
And best.

© Dulce

Sunday, December 20

Let’s Suppose

We lovers are not supposed to…
There is no escape.

You will never know
How it hurt me
To tell me "Good Bye" last night.
But you had to go
Just your selfishness
Wanted to see me, hear me
Say to you, once more
"I love you”

And then
So difficult for you not to cry,
For having left me alone
Like that. Yes,
I know, I know
You know I know
But we, as lovers,
Are not supposed to…
Cannot enjoy it
But love each other
To the utmost.

We live with these brief moments,
Suggestive, to say the least
And getting more so
And how do we cope
With the trials ahead.
If we keep going
Deeper and deeper
Into our love affair…

What is the answer?
No. Please.
Do not answer now,
I am afraid to hear it.
I am so afraid.
As the lovers we are
Sinful, prohibited fruit!

If the world could end now,
And we were done
With all this earthly problems,
Went somewhere
Were at perfect peace,
And perfectly loved one another...

But we lovers...
Are not supposed to.

© Dulce

Saturday, December 19


Ella is a woman
With all that fact involves
Ella is lovely
Always sweet.

At early stages
Ella learnt a few many lessons
She knew from then
She is not like all the rest
Something makes her special
That became ever since
One day
Her everlasting quest.

Ella is lovely
And bittersweet
It would always be her curse
Capricious, eccentric
Brokenhearted, rejected , absurd.

Found a few twin souls
In her path to where everyone, and
That doesn’t make her different
Ella knows and is smart
She is a vital and key part
Of the Universe
As everyone else
The main one.

Ella knows so well about those games
Men like so much to play
Ella now just tries to ignore them
They just do not make any sense
Ella is lovely
And always sweet.

Ella observes rather than tell
With her green eyes she smiles
So much she’s also cried
Ella’s lonely
Will always be
She accepts at times
That’s the way it has to be
Ella is a woman, Ella hums
Always lovely
Always sweet...

© Dulce

Thursday, December 17

My Sun, My Son

Seduced by the brightest colour,

Invited by the whitest cloud,

To come and sit,

Relax, enjoy, live.

His own way.

Embraced by the warmest arms,

Kissed by the purest mouth,

Involved in the sweetest dream,

Wherever space or time.

His best way.

When he smiles

The doors and all the windows

Of my heart open and reopen,

And all the rest

Is so easily forgotten.

Life makes sense after all.

_____________________________________________________________Image Icarus by Viloet Evans

© Dulce

Wednesday, December 16

Sweet Pleasure

Hours and hours

Spent in self-indulgent

Wishes and thoughts
Of sweet embraces,

Never ending

Almost suffocating

Sighs and, for more,


I’d like to give you

One more goodnight kiss


And you,

Only you know

Where that kiss will go,

And it will take

I'd guess about two hours…

Oh and...I'll enjoy

Those two hours

To the utmost, my love!

Kisses and hugs,

And more hugs and kisses

Just kiss, lick and enjoy

Your so very deep

Sweet company...

Or maybe

Just one hour is better.

Take a nap

All wrapped around

Each other's

Nethermost places

Then wake up and begin again,

In a different manner,

With different words,

And caresses...

And oh! So much love.


Tonight. This night!

This love making

Is so freeing!

____________________________________________________________________Google Image

© Dulce

Tuesday, December 15

Keep Running *

This colour differs
From most common ones
Yet, who is me
Who is not you

As well?

Am reaching the peak
But it starts
All over again
There’s no end
Until it lasts
For a whole life.

Pending as a pendulum
Inside a nebula
Meaning to go left
When should be right

Or off side.

Alas… these curious

Quirks of fate
No matter how much

On this glass floor

You stamp your feet…

Going with the windmill…

There is no past

And no present

Just this sense
I get like crazy
When it starts all over
All over again.
_______________________________________Deviantart Image (Keep Running)

© Dulce

* To my dearest friend and 'twin', Calli. The bestest Love Poetess...