Sunday, January 31


Silly me

I told you to make up your mind

I had nothing to lose

What a fool

Now that I don’t have you

I feel I lost it all too soon

It’s raining

While the sun’s shining

And I am not crazy

All lights are too bright

To see or gaze

My eyes only cried this way

When I was a babe

I can not open them

But keep then close in tears

Of darkness



Silly me

I opened my heart

So wide

That I pulled the doors out

By the roots

So I could miss not

A single breeze of our love

How long will that take

To be mended and replaced

If only they had been made of glass

That would have helped me see

Where I am right now

Now I am here right now

And am not crazy

But it keeps raining

And the sun is shining

Mother Nature

Always so wise.


© Dulce

Saturday, January 30

Matters Of The Heart

Does heart cancer exist?

Mine aches
Too long
Too soon

Tell me, Ms Life
Is this the aim?
Is this why I was born?

To my shore
You sent me
That message
In a bottle
So shiny
So white
So well the words

So curious I was
Had to open and see

So again
This heart was sold
At the cheapest fee
And once
All for free
Turned upside down
Like in the not so old times
My soul so well revealed

Tell me, Ms Life
Is this what I came here for?

A stone
No matter how strong
Is broken eventually
All you need
An appropriate

Especially easy
When so often
It was
Previously shattered
Once and again
And so poorly rebuilt.

Tell me, Ms Life
If I promise
And commit myself
To closeness
Will I be guaranteed
Not to
Be shattered again?

Friday, January 29


You know

How badly


So badly I need

You talk to me

And promise

You’ll never

Let it fade

As I got this far

All your fault

And once here

I cannot do anything

But stay.

Is it so much

To ask?

By now

You must know

So well

I never loved this way

The essence

Of a thought

The presence of your soul

If another is your rule


Let me know.

And I’ll go

Play another show.


© Dulce

Wednesday, January 27




Walking in the path

Of history

We are

Your voice I trust

So much peace I need

On this Wednesday

How many miles away

Yet so near

Yet so far

As if like heaven

Where the hell is that!

Trillions of miles away

Infinite is the space


Where are you?

So near

So far

No beginning

No end.

How can I accept

But I must

If I knew it all

I’d be dead as well

By such truth

Too immense

All I can say


We’ve walked

Through the path of history

The joy is you are there yet

Where we’ll eventually

Again have met.


© Dulce ..................................................................................................IMAGE: 6 Strings to Heaven (Deviantart)

Tuesday, January 26



Why don’t you

Just pour

And cleanse

My aura

And soul

Why do you

Just drizzle

And keep me

As if

Round in circles

Need get out

Of this whirlwind

Pour on me

Get me

So wet

And cry...



Monday, January 25


And you tell me
I've got a way with words
That capture your soul...

And I say
It's you, my love.

And you say
No, it's you, honey.

No, I say
It's you.

Ok Ok

It's you
And it's me
Or maybe
It's us.

Because our words
Speak from
And to
Our hearts,

No, your
Sweet Heart...

Sunday, January 24


They try in vain
To heal the pain
Of being so insane.
Alas! How well
They pretend
They are as white
As pearls.

They can’t help it
But cast spells
Have no respect
To the death.

Not all of them magicians
But so good
At prophecies
And fairs- so fair...

Chat up the vampires
And other evil spirits
Of the dark
Poor ones
They cannot help it...

They try in vain
To heal themsleves
Try to cry
But burnings arise
Play the violin
To get some pain
To heal-
In vain.

Wise they are
And not only female!
All who are feminine
In that way
Get into the sack-
This malefic nature
Has no sex...

As we are with sex
Let’s state:
Such mystery they create
In their hands
You’ll stand
If you ever have the chance
So near as weird
Such fun...

Friday, January 22


This is just to say 'sorry' for not visiting my dear blog friends. These days I am really busy with work, so I cannot write new poems, I cannot go and read you. But I cannot stop blogging... Why?

Anyway, today I'd like to post again this poem, which I wrote last September and which I consider one of my faves.

To all those who happen to come by here, today...Thanks for your sympathy and nice weekend!

Touch My Words

Hear my voice

As a murmur

As the sound of waves

Breaking smoothly

On to the sand.

Feel my skin

As a silky sheet

As a sign of God

As a gifted sin

Allowed only in our land.

Smell my hair

As a perfumed rose

Caressing your body

As I move about

All over you.

Touch my breast

As you admire it

As you have always

Understood the world

Just for us both.

Look into my eyes

As if trying to read

As if you could see

All my serenity

For loving you.


© Dulce

Wednesday, January 20


Their broom sheltered
Under their black masks
They mystify the weird
The enigmas
And mutter
As if from this world.

Classified into
Two main categories:
- Those from the deepest hell
- The ones with angel face
But their eyes always betray
Them witches
With flowers in hand
And a never ending smile

Their favourite snack
And snake meat
For brunch.

Jutting their rockets
Joined to furtive wolves
They dance round bonfires
So pleased
Evil their chains
Such cheer

Saw some come out
Of a thick fog
Causing hefty pains
In commission they came

Misplacing the souls of virtue
Their duty, their aim

Their plight obscure
As their long hair
And they trudge
And persevere
They mystify the weird
And they mutter
They are from this world.

Tuesday, January 19


I cannot take this lightly.

That menacing storm

On the horizon

Quoting my wisdom

Mist caressing the mountains

Bless my existence

And presumption

Trust and devotion

Why do you love me?

Knowing your answer

So attached

Caring support

Which gets more and more

Rather than less and less

So it used to

Consoling the soul

I thrive on your words

Of delight

Your kiss

Your whisper

The former mess

So tidy now

I treasure

Because of your trust

And devotion.


© Dulce

Sunday, January 17


I dedicate this poem to
Trisha, who has missed me; to Steve, who has left Blogland and I'll miss so badly :-(
and to
Calli, who has come back … :-)


Island of peace
And of untold dreams
I am just here

How would I leave
With no good byes
How could I?

I saw the light
Coming in search of me
I saw the light
Leaving me behind.

I saw it giving me
A second chance
I followed the light
But its long steps
Were of a giant
I could not get that far.

It kept seducing me
But in the way
I met fright
So I could not get
That far.

Drowned in black waters
Lost control
While the light shone
Up on the blackness
Of my tiny throne.

It kept inviting me
The sky turned violet
The light got brighter
Sparkling in my eyes.

So I could see
The rainbow
The crescendos
Adagios, minuendos
And the sound of music
Helped me get
Where my light
Now so bright.
___________________________________________________Deviantart Image

© Dulce

Friday, January 15


How would I leave

With no good byes

How could I?

Won’t be no mean

This time

No need

Hide behind the scene

How could I?

How can we?

Stand in front of all this

Ever since

Buried under

All those ruins

Which a week ago

Were their home...

And they say

And I say

And you say

And we promise

And we get down

So down the bottom pit

We, fount of knowledge

And grieve

And we learn

There’s no other way

If we are here

Let it be

So brave

And you don’t want

To talk about it

For after all

What can we do about it…

Here I stay

Standing cool.


© Dulce

Thursday, January 14


Just another day
It just
Gets worse

Tried with words
It just
Gets worse

Nothing works

So, please
Do not ask
It's alright
No need to discuss

It's just
... fine.

Wednesday, January 13


All my senses
Thoroughly aware.

The lack of any of yours
Would make this so incomplete.

You are at my side
What a pride.

At your approach
My anger smiles

All human instincts set free
Everything so fine
So cherished
With my sweetheart
At my side

The dream of your distraction
This passion
My need of you
At my side.

Your light
Turns me on
Your sadness
Off and off.

It’s not a game
It’s gratitude
Even if we are not
All that happy.

At this side
My earlobe
Sucked by
Your supportive
Secrets which
Out of this place
Would be so
Out of place

Take me there
To that so allowed
That exact
Never ending sentiment
Called love…

© Dulce

Monday, January 11


What do you see here?
A lover’s kiss
A desert
For some blossom
What do you guess?
There is such a cloud
In my eyes
I cannot see behind?

I‘ve got no wings
But more than just passion
What do you quote
When you read me?
The sex
The love
Or the lack?

What are your claims on the crown?
You conceited
How dare you anticipate?

How can you be my past tense
My present continuous?

No pressure
No imprisonment

So chic
So dark
As the raven
And his Poe

No spark
Not even grey clouds
Just the sight of you
Pure pain
Beyond the neck

Such discomfort
So you’ve taken me out
Of my sweetness

How pleased are you?

How dark
The sky.

___________________________________________________________Deviantart image

© Dulce

Sunday, January 10

Island Thinking

Yes, It is.

Stones rolling
With fierce fury
The uproar makes my soul
The god himself
Decided to come and tell.


Cleansing the insanity
Of kisses detained
Caresses underrated
Don’t despair.

Ecstasy island
Shores washed


Carrying and taking
Bringing and leaving
That sand confused.

As my muse...
Whose ideas swim
And dance.

As my muse...
Permanently moving
Round the same route.
______________________________________________________Image by Whitami

© Dulce

Saturday, January 9


TO: You
SUBJECT: What I cannot say...

Dear D,

Although we speak on the phone

Almost every day

Although we have lovely dinners together

(Three times a week on average)

Although we make love every time

We meet

Although we look at each other’s eyes and


So interesting conversations

Discussions about smart aims and goals

Although this and that,

I need to write to you

I need to tell you about it

Press the keys of every single letter of every single word

To tell you how I feel this deep sweet breeze

And these gusts of wind which seem

They want to take me there

As I face the outside

The sea so bright- as the night

And the moon and etcetera.

And because you are not here

Because I am so used to

Not having you here

All the time

Because you can never sleep the nights

By my side

In or out of me

Because this nuance

We can not share but through

Written words

I write and will go on

I need to say here so that

You understand

That when I told you that

I meant this or the other

That when you looked at that girl

I got furious

But you loved it

And you said I looked prettier then

And I love it

If you love it

I write because when I write

I get rid of all these messages

Statements, phrases

Idioms, sentences

Words that rhyme

And words that don't

To my head on and on

Yes, they come, any way.

And I drop commas

And I keep on

Pressing the keys of the words that report

So well and state better even than body language

Or maybe not as well as that…

But I write and my fingers hurt

But must be that

I was born to write

Especially when I miss

Especially when I can’t have

What I want when I want

And all that and more

All in all,

I write to utter

I love you

And so that

It does not go with this

Or any other



© Dulce