Sunday, February 28


Do you think?

As much as me?

What about?

What is it?

How big is your love?

Do you think?

What can be in your innocent mind?

How do you see the world?

Is it the safe place

So many lucky kids…

…Heaven on Earth

Or is it that other

So many more…

…Hell on Earth

Is it my idea

Of what you think

Or your own?


You might perfectly hide?

Is this paradise?

How much does it please

Your peace?

For you get all you need

And more than you wish

Yes, I give and give

To keep you like this


And away from those fires

The undesired.

What do you see

When you look at me?

What would it be like

Without me at your side?

Without you

I couldn’t

No way

So, I’d better not

Rather not

Even think about it


I’ll grasp this moment as the last

And that I fear

And cannot control

Get out of here

Better not think.

My dear...

Friday, February 26

Left Behind

I won’t tell them
You left

Nobody should know

Cause my soul
Still touches your presence.

I can’t tell them
You left

And that your decision,
Just one,
Is not like mine,
A tag of war.

I’ll hide from them
And manage to pretend
You are still by my side...

...Smelling the flowers
Of my garden
So bright
Now blossoming in the night.

From those I’ll hide
Who with me celebrated

For my soul can’t ignore
But lure your presence.
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Thursday, February 25

Breakfast Time

preparing I am some ...

...The nicest of breakfasts

For my man
Right now

Supposed to be sleeping...


There he was left
Smilingly in bed
After so much pleasure
Mixed with peace
And that
They all call

All night long

As far as I can remember

There he was

In my bed

Ours since then

Starving I am

After such comes…

He approaches, softly

From behind

So alluring
Is my thingy to him

He cannot help it
And neither can I

Because I love him
to that extent
... as well
... so well.

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Wednesday, February 24


Being in love

Means much more

Than any words could say.

It’s looking at time

Full of sweetness.

It’s waking up

Each morning

Despite the weather

Surrounded by the scents

Of fruit and flowers.

It’s feeling free of oneself

Being at peace

With all that Nature has created.

It’s seeing suffering

As a secondary part

A life of acceptance.

It’s sharing all the light in the world

All its darkness.

It’s getting astonished

By the sight of the moon

And notice and realize

That the moon is the moon.

It’s beginning to say

And from now on

No need to say it again.

It’s getting to understand

The conversations

So often held


The soul and the mind.


(Partly inspired from Estar Enamorado by F.L. Bernárdez) ................................................................................................ Image adapted from Deviantart

Tuesday, February 23


Let us be so bad
So good

Let me take you there
Where lust and pleasure
Make one
And only aim
Just one goal

Let me love you
Through your senses
Not missing a single one

Let me be your paradise
That one
You did never
Think of
Dreamt of

Let me give you
All that you hoped
And all you did not

Let me be your toy
Be my naughty boy

You know
You seduce me
Just by being here.

This near
No fear
No tears.

Let's be one
You and I
Let us enjoy
Our joy.

Sunday, February 21


Who Am I?

How I dare...

Of course there’s no answer to that

But sometimes

I can get to have

A good day

Any day

And talk to myself

As in a delirium

And so write and say…


The delight of letting myself go

Into the abyss

The pleasure of running into myself

By chance

And on purpose

The relief of shedding my tears

In my own hands

Looking at the one I am

In the mirror

The satisfaction of being


Cause I am here by my side

Ever since my life began

To be, somehow

Like this I try to depict

I looked for this encounter

And here it is




Ashamed I am, though

For not finding

A better way

To call this—let’s try again


Who am I?

I am exactly the same

But completely different

It’s when the sea meets the sky in the horizon

It’s the peace I’ve only got to feel

Two, maybe, three times

For a second

In this lifetime

It’s much more than simple matters of the heart


Mind the mind

Or the understanding

The sympathy

I am

That piece of land and sea

Which is but

The whole globe

And this tiny look

Driven away with the breezes

From those unidentified galaxies

It’s fire

And fireworks

It’s the whole ocean

My ocean

What remains unknown

Because the depth is down- so down

Too far away

It’s nothing

Compared to everything


It’s everything

Compared to the whole.

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Saturday, February 20


Who is he?

Not an alien

That’s for sure

So, who is he?

Don’t know how to explain

Every time he comes to my place

Everything sparks

His charm makes the room shine

And that could be at night.

Yes, but who is he?

He lights the candles

Of love

And I smile

With this silly smile of mine

Which only disappears

When he is not near...

Who is he?

I tell you

Not an alien

Not a ghost

Maybe an angel ?

But I hear his voice

Touch his hands, his hair

And –right- that all...

Who is he, who keeps you like that

As if in a trance?

He is the one

The one we all have dreamt of

And which we thought

Existed only in dreams

And fairy tales

Especially designed for girls

Who is he?

He gives me more than I can ever ask

Who is he?

Not a dream

Who is he?

He is he

Where is he?

Here, there , anywhere.

And he’s not God

Though He must have had

Something to do with it

Who is he?

Who am I?

Friday, February 19

Dear Knight...(55)

I don’t like to write here about my feelings if not in terms of poetry. And I hate to having to do it so as to tell everyone how sorry I feel because I’ve found out my dear Dr. John Fortress has passed away.

He always gave me lots of support, one of my first followers, although he never followed me- but he came by every single day. And his vision of poetry meant a lot to me, because he is not fond of poetry at all, as so do so many people, but for some reason I don’t know- or I do-he liked it and even gave me an award for 'Featured Blog of the Week' last September, which meant to me.. oh my- only He knows..

My Knight, as I used to call him, rests now in peace after fighting against what this material life brings to our bodies as we get to our end…And for that reason I feel obliged to dedicate this poem to him. A 55- which he was so good at.
RIP my Knight.


No matter how hard
You fight
Against death or life
The former
Will always strike
Thus, we sigh

No matter
South or north
The winds


No matter how far
You get
Or high

Where you ,ve gone
We’ll all get to
One day
Or night

Not worth the fight
It all ends
That bright!


© Dulce

*** I love this Guest Book My dear Thom Has created- best tribute from us all!

Every Friday G.MAn , at Mr Knowitall, challenges us to post a piece of writing in just 55 words . Best of ways to get to know lots of lovely people here in Blogland. Have a go and let him know- he knows it ALL!

Thursday, February 18

What Ideas We...

All this I’ve imbibed

I want to show you the world
And so will you
Such lives
Lived to the fullest
Most miserable
Most worth it

We’d never find an end
Astonished we’d listen

Yours is the whole Bible
Genesis included
The Lord of the Rings
Hobbit included

So we’d never get bored
To listen to one another
And we’d enjoy it
In amazement

As we drink a martini
Or we watch the sunset
At our veranda

Or as we kiss each other
Ask you not to interrupt
With that insistence

Or as we hear the spirited music
But do not pay attention to it

Or as we …

From time to time
So often
So much we have to learn
And also discern
And comprehend
And not hold to an end

Bloody ends

Sweet lives
Meet in space and time
As fate flies.

Wednesday, February 17


No need to read
Between the lines

I so well know
This is all you seek

Have forgotten the times
Or the time it all began

I want much more now
Than before
Studied ways
Not on the net
But on my own appetite
Just one
This quest

How to drive
Crazy your head and
A bit down
Tween your legs

It’s not a game
But ha!
How I love the play
As you die and dive round
My spell…

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Tuesday, February 16

Please, don’t

Our love has flowered

With our sweet words

Our lust

Loose, unique

You say

Red is the rose

Must be

For that you state

I love you more and more

With each day of living

Walk on my shore

And cry no more


By each other’s charms

We rant for everything

And nothing

I want you to get nearer

Oh please, don’t

Please closer

So many wishes

In our souls

Hold onto me

For life

We are one

But we are two


I don’t want to seduce you

Too much

But I do

I don’t want us to leave it

All behind

But I do

I don’t want you to need

My presence by your side

Don’t want you to crave

For my smell, my sex,

My charms

But I do

I don’t need a commitment

Not so many compliments

But I do

I don’t want to believe

You’ve got an opportunity

Next to me

Kissing me

Whenever, wherever

You please

But I do

I don’t want to lose my freedom

But I do

I want to keep being

All by myself

My chosen solitude

My self in myself

No need to share

But I don’t.


Monday, February 15


With pride
Beneath the music

Let’s go then
Let’s fall upon
Our backs
Until the new blooms
Or even later
And to hell with them

And dance
And not move
Beneath the music
Your hands in my chest

With the nightingales
That declare and admit
As they fly
And on branches rest
To place our nest

Beneath the music
And the chain
That joins the clock
To the hours
Will break

Let’s …
So it seems
All say
There is nothing else to live
But this
What else!

Saturday, February 13


We’ve told each other

All the words possible

Even the unspeakable

An attempt to accept...

We’ve enjoyed

The deepest embrace

The sweetest kisses

The brightest smiles.

We’ve told each other

The most adorable compliments

The closest intimacy

The most sensitive whispers

The most lascivious fantasies.

We’ve written each other

The purest poems

The most consoling letters

An attempt to state...

We’ve sent each other

The most aromatic flowers

The most durable scents.

We’ve looked into each other’s souls

Seen the most positive resplendence

Felt the widest and wildest charms

Tasted the most exquisite pleasures

Attempts to measure...

We’ve shared the funniest laughter

Cried the most painful tears

Attempts to make plain...

We’ve told each other

In all possible ways

I love you

And I love you too

Attempts to explain

So many still remain

And are left...


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Friday, February 12


Soft, smooth...

Gentle is the breeze

Kissing my cheeks.

Up my chin

In search for

The sweet


Bringing back that peace

From the sea.

Deep awareness

Reminds me of

How weak

I can get to be.

No surrender

No loose

Only to my knees...

So as to ask

That sublime higher ease

I must remain

Like this


At the peak.


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Tuesday, February 9


In the nude

I pretend you don’t know

I know.

You are watching

As I start to get dressed

So I bend.

That way you can contemplate

This you so much treasure.

This female glory,

This beauty,

Almost feline.

I know I entice you,

You know you enthuse me.

So I look back

With my morning smile

And wink.

This scene

Not obscene.

So you pull me

Back to bed.

And we start


Like the tide flows

And ebbs…