Tuesday, August 31

An Analysis On Platonic Love

This love

It seems and said it is

And I truly believe

For it must be

The more intellectual

And intelligent you become

The more that love grows within

Might seem impossible

But I truly believe

For there I’ve been

A mixture of frustration

And hope

A hope to find in that person

Every single thing

Even more than you need

Actually just through fantasy



That perfection

One always seeks

Sweeter than just sweet

A need to have the ideal

No need to go through it

In reality.

So stimulating this feeling is

Because as you think and feel

As you feel and think

No witness comes to play

So you can give free rein

To your imagination

This love


No agreements or disagreements

No arguments

No dirty details

It doest not get old

For it’s out of time and space

This love

Is not moody

But clean


Always loose

No limits

No nuances…

No censorship allowed…


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Monday, August 30

Momentary Glory

Is it a legend

Or a myth?

How goodly my fair love lies

In proud humidity

It lies gazing on the midnight sky

Below, lands tremble

Horror and beauty

Both divine

This love is like a shadow

But oh how it shines

Fiery and lurid

This bliss and lusting

For one another

Help me breathe


As the sea blooms in my hair

I am here more present than ever

With all my powers and flames

Waiting for our only

Long hour

When you come

To blindfold me...

...And my skin you lick

Always in the right direction

I feel giddy at times

And I giggle

Two lovers

Two bodies become one

Momentary glory

Grinning faces...

Quiet souls.

Image: Lovers by Failis

Sunday, August 29


Such bright green eyes

So mischievious

So sad

Despite wrinkles

Tears and smiles

What a look

What keeps you in power

And yet

You little girl...

Don’t you fret

All that courage all that strength

And they see and they say…

Do not fret.

She lives in agony

Even though

She’s got not the disease yet

But how serious it is

And how much it hurts

For if others did

Why not she?

She cries out in pain

A mixture of betrayal

to herself

And all that pain

All over the place

Rather in the soul

But she knows

It’ll manifest

Sooner or later

Into what the others

Already gone

Experienced before

Do not fret- they say

Deaf ears

She can only get

As far as that fatal end

But she is also a good girl

At times she does not fret...

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Saturday, August 28

Fortune Telling

It’s hard, weird
Having to admit
And also allow
Days to go by in vain

Sad is being conscious of it
And they’ll go anyway…

Yet, what time is…is

The ones we were
We still are
Those who’ll be here
Later are

For future is a tense
Not a time

So why this frequent concern
Surrounding my heart?

What is going to be about me?
Not so much about death
But life

Will love fill me
With its arduous roses once more?

Will this uncertain direction already taken
Lead me to where I need?

Or will I feel guilty again
For making the wrong choice?

I’d rather not know...
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Friday, August 27

One Day - (55)

That day will come

When no roses nor chocolate

Will make for it…

Your vain promises

Will go with the wind…

Too many years

Same lies…

That day will come

When I’ll be able

Not to open the door

Or answer the phone

No tears to fall…

…Let you go


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Deviantart Image: The End Of Every Story by Eaven

Wednesday, August 25


I get you wrong
And you get me wrong too

I look tired ‘cause I am
And you think I am tired of your love
I think I’ve been deprived of your love
And you think I am a fool

I think I am a fool
And you admire me
For the things I do

I go to sleep
And when I wake up
You are not there
But I know you were

When we didn’t say a word
And we misunderstood...

*AND this has come up especially because yesterday I felt obliged to explain certain misunderstanding ...(lol)...

Tuesday, August 24



Love of mine

So much we are attached

I so much depend on you

This is ruining our lives

I look forward to being



From you...

So as not to be

This obsessed

Thwarting us to be

What we

So eagerly need to be...

How can we set free?

If only that attachment

Became joy


or say...

A third party.


Monday, August 23


Lovely is that smile
So bright
You can’t avoid despite
A deep and bitter grief

Working hard on it


Lovely is
When I can have you by my side
Lovely is
The night
And your eyes
When as blue as the sky

Lovely is that you
Inspire me to write


Full of love despite my own
Giving me as I take
From every single thing
That surrounds my self.

It’s then that I make love
To anything that inspires

It is the view and swim
In this sea
It’s the sun as it sets
It is both
Like you and me
Or just me
And all the rest
Of those so lovely
Life's little gifts…

_______________________________________________Deviantart Image>Water hand by Stardust 626

Saturday, August 21


What we strive

And never reach...




Must we stand out

Be so different

Or be as similar as possible

As those we consider




Must we accept

Or refuse

That we are not

Prudent enough

Tolerant enough

Splendid enough

To be perfect?


Friday, August 20


How honest can one be?

If I was

It’d break your heart

To know

I don’t love you anymore

I’ve tried hard to find ways

To tell you


I’ve hidden my feeling

Kept it secret

How honest can I be?

I consider honesty

As well as freedom

Best qualities…

Main goals in life

A premise

How free

How honest can I be?

You’d think I betrayed you

You’d be convinced I deceived you

You won’t even want to hear

Who the other one is

How honest can I be?

By avoiding your suffering...

I am free to think

I am free to feel


I am not free to do,

I am not free to be.

So I swallow all my attempts

To be


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Thursday, August 19


There must always be

A place

A time

To face each day

With strength…

To swallow our pride

To think matters through

And find that music

Which feeds our soul…


Don’t make us


But less fearful…

Deviantart Image: Magic Water by Ablela